August 19, 2008
By Sallad SILVER, Bismarck, North Dakota
Sallad SILVER, Bismarck, North Dakota
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Caitlyn Rogers stared transfixed at the boy who sat before her. He ran his pale hand through his bronze hair. His silver watch glinted when the light hit it just right. Caitlyn watched his jugular vein pulse in his neck. She licked her dry lips and stared at him. She wished that she could have a quick drink. Oh, how she longed to have the metallic taste stinging her tongue. But, alas, Ethelred had forbidden her from ever harming a human. And that meant that she would have to become what they called "vegetarian" or to drink from animals. It was going to be hard, she could tell.
Landon Schlip felt like someone was staring at him. The feeling sent tremors down his spine. He longed to turn around and find out who was staring so intently at him, but Mr.Fritzgerald was watching the class carefully and Landon couldn't afford to get yet another detention.He slid his grey sweatshirt over his wide shoulders.
Landon was tall and lean with a good build. He had short spikey bronze hair and emerald green eyes. He was captain of the basketball team and one of the more popular guys in school.
Caitlyn was quiet, tall, and slender. She had short black hair that she wore in a blunt bob with an angular bang and violet eyes. She had recently dyed an ivory strike in her hair. Caitlyn had very few friends and did not enjoy the social spotlight.
Landon eyed the clock as the minutes ticked by. Only five left until the end of school and the end of the week. The hands on the clock seemed to tick by slower than ever.
Finally the bell rang. Chairs scraped against the linolium floors. Papers rustled as students hurredly crammed paper into their book bags. Everybody began talking excitedly about the weekend.
Caitlyn rolled her eyes and loaded her things into her red bag. She looked up and was shocked to find Landon turned around in his seat looking at her. She knew if blood ran through her viens she would surely have blushed. She caught his eyes for only a moment before standing. She slung her bag over her right shoulder and walked to the door. Landon blocked her way a determined frown set on his handsome face.
"Pardon me, but I need to get out the door." Caitlyn said struggling to keep her voice steady.
"I have a question for you." Landon said.
Caitlyn sighed and locked eyes with him again. Her violet eyes penetrated his. For a moment in time Landon forgot what he was going to say. He broke the stare and instantly remembered what he was going to ask her.
"Was that you that was staring at me?"
Caitlyn shrugged and gave him a sly smile.
"I might have been." She said nonchalantly brushing past him.
As she passed their flesh touched. Landon shivered. Her flesh was cold as ice. But, it wasn't cold in the room at all. In fact, the heater needed to be turned off. Landon's skin prickled. He had to find out more about Caitlyn Roberts. But he knew that in order to do that he would need to grow close to her. Well, close enough that she would trust him.
Caitlyn hurried from the building. The bright sun beat down on her back. She squinted as she made her way to the silver volvo in the parking lot. She dug through her bag for her keys.
Footsteps approached behind her. Slowly at first, but soon gained speed. Caitlyn pulled out her keys and rammed the key into the lock. She flinched when a hand clamped down on her shoulder. She spun around and found herself staring into Landon's face.
"Can I help you?" She asked eyeing him skeptically.
"I was wondering if you're busy this Saturday."
Caitlyn looked slightly taken aback at this question. Never in her seventeen years would she have imagined Landon asking her if she was free let alone pretend she was alive.
"No, I don't believe I am."
"Great, well, would you like to go out to dinner with me?"
Caitlyn took a moment to study his face before she gave him an answer. She wondered slightly why he would want to talk to her. They had nothing in common what-so-ever.

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twilightony said...
on Aug. 25 2008 at 5:05 am
A very, very good piece of writing. I'm a writer as well, and because of this I know that constructive criticism is best so you can improve.

I like the characters, and the descriptions are very detailed. However, I feel that it lacks an element of natural flow. Some of the thoughts seem very discontinued and abrupt. Other than that, it is very good. Work on the flow and it should be near perfect. Nice work!


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