August 20, 2008
I don't have a best friend. Not really, because all my friends are my best friends. But some are closer than others. There is one--I'll call her Jane--that has always been closer than the rest.

Right now, she's standing in front of me. Her green eyes are narrowed, and her upper lip is pulling back over her teeth. Clearly, she’s angry.

“He’s mine,” Jane snaps, stepping forward. “Didn’t I tell you that?”

“Um,” I say. “Who are you talking about?”

It’s a stupid question. We both know the answer.

“Alex. Who else? How can you do this?” She pauses. She’s breathing loudly, almost gasping. “He was starting to notice me. He would have asked me out! But then he met you, and I was invisible again!”

I swallow and look around. We’re outside Alex’s house. It’s dark, but I can tell that we’re alone.

“You don’t even live here anymore!” she screams. “You left! Your house is like an hour away!”

“Jane,” I say, “can you please lower your voice?”

She laughs bitterly. “Why? Are you scared that he’ll hear? I think he should. I think it’s time he finds out what you really are: a liar.”

Her words make me cringe. I feel my face twist, but I’m too hurt to care if she sees. I’m also furious.

“How am I the liar? You never even mentioned Alex’s name before.”

“Neither did you!”

I cross my arms. “I never claimed that I did.”

“I’ve loved him ever since he moved here, Linda, which is after you left!”

“Look, Jane, I’m sorry. I’m sorry if you’re still mad at me about leaving. It wasn’t my choice. What I’m not sorry for is loving Alex. I had no control over that either . . . it’s just happened.”


The front door opens, making a loud creaking noise, and we both gasp.

“Linda?” a voice whispers.

I whirl around, recognizing it. “Alex!”

Alex’s arms wrap around my waist. Although his face is inches away from mine I can barely see it. In my head, I curse the darkness. But his stunning blue eyes are visible. They’re glowing. They seem to be getting bigger, and bigger . . .

Suddenly his lips are on mine, and my hands are in his hair, and his are pulling me against him, and--

Someone is sobbing. Is it me? Oh, please, let it not be me. It sounds like a girl, so it can’t be Alex. . . . I’ve forgotten where I am. I think I’ve forgotten my name as well. I only know that Alex isn’t kissing me anymore.


The name pops into my head just as Alex says it out loud.

“Invisible!” Jane shrieks. “I’m invisible!”

“Wait,” Alex says, sounding confused. He lets go of me. “What?”

“I’m invisible,” she cries.

“No you’re not. It’s dark, but I can see you. . . . What are you doing here, Jane? Are you . . . okay?”

Her only reply is a frustrated wail.

“Jane, Jane, I’m so sorry!” I say. “I didn’t . . .”

She turns away from us and runs to her car.

Before I can try to stop her, she’s speeding away.

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