August 18, 2008
“ Holly where have you been the second bell is about to ring.” “ I know Hayden but it has been a bad morning.” “ What’s wrong Hollykinz? Tell us all about it.” “ Melanie! Leave her alone it’s been a bad morning!” “ No, its okay Hay. I got in a fight with my mom and I was dreaming about T.W. and then I went out side to walk to school and there he was right outside my house with the queen of evil.” “Ugh she is such a ….” And just as Melanie was about to finish her sentence the second bell rang and we had to head for

Okay so we will stop right there so I can introduce myself my name is Holly Anne Hunt. I am 16. I am a sophomore at Westfield High. I am in love with the quarterback Toby Westchester. He is a junior. He has olive skin with dirty blonde hair and amazing green eyes. My two best friend are Hayden and Melanie. Hayden is the head cheerleader and is dating the captain of the rugby team. Melanie is the captain of the dance squad and the girls swim team. She is dating the captain of the boys swim team. He is also the captain of the wrestling team. I am the only single one of my close friends. And so I need a date to homecoming. Guess who I am going to ask.

I was just about to go to my first class when I hear Meg talking about me and my friends. And I just couldn’t let it go. I had to get her back. She has been bothering me since we were in fifth grade. So I ran to the top floor to the big window that was open and waited until she was headed to class and poured my chocolate milk all over her. God thing she wasn’t wearing white!

“Ms. Hunt report to the principal’s office now !” Oh crap what did I do? I hope that they don’t call my mom. What whats with all the posters. Why do they have my name on them? Okay this is getting weird real fast. OMG! There is Toby with tons of roses around him and his letterman’s jacket. I wonder if he is going to ask me? “BRING” Well there is the changing bell so now the whole school will get to watch. “Holly hunt I was wondering if you would go to homecoming with me.” “…Really? Are you joking? This isn’t a joke is it?” “ No Holly its not a joke. I really want to go to homecoming with you. So Holly Hunt will you go to homecoming with me?” “Of course I will go to homecoming with you.”

“Holly you are going to be late and that is no way to start out the school year!” Now only if that would happen.

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