March 30, 2008
By Jennifer Diemert, Clarkston, MI

“Just one more time please” Henry said as he was covered in mud from head to toe. His dad hesitated but then continued to let him jump puddle to puddle.
“ok five more minutes you have to be at the doctors in ten minutes” as Henry jumped from puddle to puddle his father sat and stare at him seeing the resemblance between him and his mother who died two years ago to cancer. Five minutes passed and they got o the hose and henrys dad, Jim started to spry Henry with the hose.

“Dad, dad not in my face”

“You must get clean Henry this is the only way we have time” Henry agreed and after he was clean his father took him inside hand in hand to the little yellow house on the corner of Birch road and Cotton road. They went into Henry’s room and got all cleaned up. They walked out the door to the black pick up truck sitting in the middle of the driveway. “Are you ready buddy” he gave his son the sweetest smile he could.

“Yup I am ready’ said the little boy in the passenger seat. “Dad what happened to mom?”

“Mom got very sick and God said it was her time to go back to him” Jim said almost on the verge of tears.

“I remember her” Henry said “she was Pretty wasn’t she?”

“Beautiful” They pulled into the little town hospital they jumped out of the truck. They walked in. Jim took the clip bored that they nurse gave him. He started to fill it out.

The nurse took Henry by his hand “no I have to wait for my dad”
“Go on Henry I will be right there”

“Cant I just wait for you that’s all I want” Jim look at the nurse the nurse gave him a friendly smile.

“Ok we will be right in” Jim said to the nurse in the pink out fit with hearts on them. The nurse went back through the hallway. “ok I’m done are you ready to go in?”

“Dad why are we here?”

“You just have to get checked out to make sure that you are all healthy and that mom’s dieses didn’t get to you” he exclaimed to Henry as they went down the hallway to the same room the nurse before them went in.

“Jump up here honey” the nurse said with a very caring voice to Henry. So hennery used all his might and pulled himself up onto the table covered but white paper. After 10 minutes of the nurse checking his ears and things she sent the doctor to there room. The doctor checked Henry really well for a half an hour.

“All done” said the old doctor with white hair “great job you were a wonderful patent don’t forget to pick up a sucker on the way out” he said to Henry, as Henry jumped off the doctor bed and stretched. “Thanks Jim” the doctor said as he gave him a hand shake. “I will call you with the results with in the week”

“Thanks” Jim said as he walked down the same hallway they had done not even an hour ago. “Henry do you want to go for lunch?”

“I say the Newman’s diner on the corner”

“Great choice” they pulled into Newman’s and ordered there food.

Henry asked another question “Dad am I special like good special I mean what would you do if I want here with you?”

“Hen you are one of a kind and I think I would cry all the time and be very sad if you weren’t here with me right now”

“I will be here a long time I promise” Henry said to reassure his father.


“Promise” Henry said with the biggest brightest smile he could manage.
Next week rolled around and it was Saturday Henry and Jim was sitting on the couch and the phone rang.” I’ll get it” hennery said running to the phone. “Hello”
“Hi I am looking for Mr. Michaels”
“One minute I will get him”
“Thank you”
“Hello” Jim said as he picked up the phone
“Hi this is Dr. Lane with Henrys results”
“Oh hi how do they look?”
“Well” Jim’s heart began to beat “we found something a little thing but it is something”

“Thank you I will call for his next appointment” everything Jim has lived for his pride and joy, his life was being taken away from him just had it has done before with his wife. He stood there and look off into space how could this happen again? He thought to him self. He called for hennery and gave him the biggest hug anyone could ever give to someone.
“What’s wrong dad “Henry asked
“Your sick a little sick you had what mommy had but its ok we can work through it” Jim said trying to sound as optimistic as possible when you hear that you son is fading away right before your eyes.

Days went on hard days and easy days they had many doctors appointments and many good times. Until one day Jim woke up to find Henry very sick he rushed him to the hospital they got him stable and Jim went into henrys room. “dad is that you” he heard a groggy voice as he walked into his sons room his heart was broken when he saw his five year old son hooked to what it looked like millions of wires. He began to cry.” Dad why are you crying”

“I am so glad you are ok I though you left me”

“No I promised I would stay I never break my promises”

That’s good but hey you have to go get surgery so you will be 100 percent better”
Henry went to surgery and recovered perfectly he and his father has the closest bond anyone could ever have. And they all lives happily ever after.

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on Oct. 6 2008 at 9:31 pm
Great job! but it was kinda sad but i like sad storys :)


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