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It was beautiful - the green hills dotted with thecolors of autumn leaves that seemed to go on forever. The wildflowers shot upsporadically in the immense fields of bright grass. Chris and Melonie walkedtogether, admiring the scene and holding hands.

Chris was deep in thought.He watched Melonie's long, brown hair get caught by the gentle wind. Sheimpatiently whisked it away from her face and neatened it. Her bright blue eyesdanced as she looked over the amazing landscape.

Chris put his hand in thepocket of his jacket and touched the small diamond ring. He was debating theright time to pop the question. It had taken him months to get the money for itand he smiled as he left it in his pocket. It wasn't the right timeyet.

The couple lazily strolled to the car. Chris was so lost in thoughthe almost walked right into his Chevrolet. He didn't mind the teasing commentfrom Melonie. He just laughed and got in the car, still smiling about what was inhis pocket.

They went to one of their favorite restaurants for dinner.Melonie was dressed beautifully and giggled at Chris's attempts to use the rightfork. He didn't mind, though. He was in high spirits because he'd moved the ringfrom his windbreaker to the pocket of his sports jacket. He thought for a minuteand decided it still was not the right time.

The hors d'oeurves, maincourse and dessert came and went. Still, the right time never came and Chris grewimpatient. He knew the ride home would feel like an eternity.

After Chrisopened the door for Melonie, he settled in the driver's seat. He watched her outof the corner of his eye as he drove. She looked out the window quietly. Herlooks had always impressed him, but for some reason, the casual position of herhead and the peaceful expression of her face made her more beautiful than everbefore.

Suddenly, Chris realized how he could create the right momentinstead of waiting for it. He pulled into the parking lot of a large church. Heturned to his confused passenger and smiled as he reached into hispocket.

"'Melonie," he said as if he was afraid of what the reaction mightbe, "I fell in love with you the first time I met you and that was a long timeago. I just wanted to tell you ... umm ... I love you as much as I ever have ...maybe more. And ... well ... Marry me - again. I can't imagine anyone having abetter 25 years than I have had with you as my wife."

He slipped the ringon her finger as he spoke. When he looked up at her, she had a tear running downher cheek and a smile on her lips. Although he thought she couldn't possibly lookmore beautiful than she had earlier, he was wrong.

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i love this !

on Dec. 30 2012 at 7:22 pm
Dolly9471 BRONZE, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey
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So touching...*tears* *tears*


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