The Tables Turn

March 13, 2008
By Laura Lovett, Abington, MA

Holiday decorations glittered on the door like a peacock in spring.
Lydia reached in her pocket for the key. The winter’s air stung her fingers as she fidgeted for the key. Barnaby’s hand was still tightly gripping her waist.
This was the first time the pair would be able to spend some alone time.
“ Ahhh, I’ve got it!” she spoke through chattering teeth. The door opened with ease as she turned the key in the lock. Lydia led the way into the house as Barnaby followed.

Lydia jumped back seeing there was someone in the house. In front of them, sitting on the kitchen table, was Ted. He was holding a bouquet of purple roses. Ted was not exactly Lydia’s ex-boyfriend; he was a neighbor whom had loved her since the first time they met some twenty years ago. He was tall and gawky with thick black rim glasses.

“ Ted! What on Earth are you doing inside my house?”

“ I …I have something to tell you. See, I’ve thought a lot about it and in my conclusion I decided that we belong…” Ted always had a way of making anything slightly romantic bland and logical.

“ Stop, Ted!’ Lydia burst out, attempting to put an end to this tragic scene.

“ Allow me to just express my feelings. I see us twenty years from now on a country farm with little ones...’

“ Stop, Ted! How did you get in here?”

“ Your parents kindly allowed me in. They also see the potential in our relationship.” Lydia’s thoughts raced this is what I get for living with my parents at twenty-five.

“ Ted, you have to go!”

“ I haven’t finished!” Ted procrastinated. Lydia stepped aside to reveal her boyfriend.

“ Ted, I don’t think you’ve met Barnaby.”
“ Oh nice to meet you. No hard feelings,” Ted said quietly as he jumped off the table, leaving the flowers. Silence hung in the air as Ted left in his defeat.

The next week Lydia and Barnaby went to the cinema to see a horror flick. The two sat towards the front of the theater. Barnaby neatly placed his arm around Lydia.
Towards the middle of the movie, Lydia heard giggling behind her. It sounded like two pre-teen girls amusing themselves at an inappropriate part of the movie. She turned around to see Ted and his always willing sidekick, Fred. “ Oh Lydia I didn’t expect to be making your acquaintance tonight!” Ted said as he caught sight of Lydia’s glance.

“ Yes, well let’s go back to watching the movie,” she said cringing.
“ Lydia, would you please step outside the theater? I did not leave things well with you last week, and I would like to discuss this,” Ted spoke as he stood up.

“ Ted, sit down your causing a scene!”

“ Now, now let’s settle down and talk things out.”

“ Dude what are you doing?” Barnaby spoke, now rising.

“ I am attempting to smooth things over with my very good friend here.”
An usher rushed over to them, “ Would you two please kindly take a seat?”
“ No, I don’t like how this guy is treating me,” Ted said pointing to Barnaby.
“ I’m sorry you’re both going to have to leave the theater.”

The group of four left for the parking lot. “ Dude, you got us kicked out of the movie.” Barnaby said.
“ You got a beef? Let’s settle this!”
“ Alright, let’s settle this!”
“ I must inform you that I have taken some martial arts lessons and am prepared to fight you!” Lydia laughed she knew very well the only lessons Ted ever took were trumpet lessons.

Barnaby picked up his fist, prepared to fight. Ted picked up his leg attempting to kick Barnaby but instead lost his balance and fell back to the gravel. His legs now failing in the air like an over turned bug.

Suddenly Lydia saw him fully. He was awkward and gawky, and he always said the wrong thing at the wrong time but she loved him! When Ted regained his balance, she kissed him with a beautiful awkward kiss. As they broke away from one another Ted said,” Now I believe our feelings our mutual. I am very grateful we were able to get our feelings off our chest.”

“ Ted.”

“ Yes?”

“ Don’t say another word.,” she said returning for another kiss.

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