February 29, 2008
“I need a stinking place to park!” Pearl Knup yelled at the school security guard of Calvin High.

“There are places to park at the garage a few blocks down, feel comfortable parking there,” the man yelled. “You are not parking in the reserve parking areas.”

“You’re a jerk,” Pearl yelled at the man as she drove away. Pearl did find a parking space; it was at her mother’s Dino Café. Mrs. Knup came out gladly to greet her daughter and her friends.

“The security guard wouldn’t let us park,” Pearl moaned “Again.”

“I am sick of his crap” Muffin said comforting Pearl as she came from the back seat.

“Are you talking about the car,” Kingly joked as he came out from the other side.

“My car ain’t that bad,” Pearl yelled defending it.

“When you say ain’t, you are talking about a bug, ant you” Mrs. Kunp joked.

“Hey, Mrs. Knup,” Ned smiled as he came out from the other side.

“Do you guys want hot chocolate before you go?” Mrs. Kunp smiled. “You can have it for free since I own the place.” everyone else laugh, as Pearl looked inside. In the front window was Ruby Bons sitting at the counter with her unfeasible boyfriend, Beau.

“We’ll have it to go, mom,” Pearl said quickly. "Thank you, those." The rest looked inside and saw a bunch of stuck-up preps sitting at the café.

“Yes, some of us have clubs before school starts.” Muffin pointed out.

“Alright, but I want to get you that hot chocolate before you go.” Mrs. Kunp said as she went back in.

Ruby sat right the café with her boyfriend Beau, at the normal café seats they usually ate at every café. “So where did you go last night,” Ruby asked.

“Some of the boys went out after practice,” Beau answered.

“Why didn’t you call me?” Ruby question again.

“Do I really have to call you when I am with my friends?” Beau stuttered annoyed “Really, if I want to go out with my friends than I will go out with my friends. I don’t need your consent every time I do something when I am not with you, it wasn’t like I was cheating on you are anything.”

“Sorry” Ruby apologized sadly, not knowing what she was apologizing for.

Soon the waitress came back in, “Excuse me we need to order,” Ruby pointed out her getting her attention.

“In a minute, I just need to fill out an outside orders,” the waitress said sweetly.

“You think a single mother, most likely a drop out would serve us because we can tip her,” Beau commented. Even those he didn’t know for sure she was a single mother, as a matter of fact he didn’t even know she owned the café, Ruby knew who she was Mrs. Knup, her mother’s best friend.

Soon the waitress walked outside, and coming in past her was their friends, Freata, Macy, and Rocksam, Diamond, with their boyfriends Jo, Kale, Bansi and Atian. They all ordered a latte and they were off to school.

“Hey race you there,” Banis yelled as they drove past Ruby’s dad’s office building. Ruby was lucky, Beau had a nice convertible his parents give him for his sixteenth birthday. To think she could be at their walking like Pearl and her gang.

Pearl walked with her friends she walked past the Bons office building that was when a man in a suite came out on the street. “What are you kids doing?” he asked.

“Walking to school,” Muffin answered.

“I better not see any thing weird on the building,” he yelled.

“Don’t worry you won’t,” Pearl yelled politely as she rolled her eyes. She knew who that janitor was it was Mr. Bons, her mother’s best friend’s husband, and Ruby’s father,

“Look he is watching us,” Kingly laughed as they walked away.

“Yeah,” Pearl laugh as they approach the school. “You should see her.”

Ruby had walked out of the car than out of the blue Ashna came up from out of the school, Ashna was Ruby’s best and the most fashionable she knew. “What are you wearing” Ashna asked in a panicky.

“What?” Ruby startled confused.

Ashna pointed down, “Today is Friday, you are suppose to wear flip-flops”

“Oh, I forgot,” Ruby panicked.

“Don’t worry I have an emergency pair in my car, did the other girls see?” Ashna asked.

“I don’t know,” Ruby answered scared.

“Lets hurry,” Ashna pulled Ruby past Pearl and the other rule breaking misfits in the parking lot. Pearl was on her way into the school when she ran into Ivan, a sweet boy, a jock, but Pearl was nice to him anyway. “Pearl,” Ivan came out.

“Ivan,” Pearl smiled. “So how are you doing this morning”?

“Fine,” Ivan started than Mrs. Shaliniski, the principle ran out “Pearl, Ruby, Ivan, Ashna, get in here for home room or you’ll be late”

In Home Room

Pearl and Ruby rushed into their homeroom together, Pearl sat right away to get started on her homework that was due today as she worked Pearl felt a big bag clutched against her “What are you doing!” Pearl questioned Ruby.

“Putting on my makeup, so I’m not as grubby looking as you,” Ruby answered. “What are you doing?”

“I’m doing my homework so I am not as dumb as you,” Pearl said angry. “Move your junk”

“It’s not junk if its mine, and you should of done that last night, instead going out and vandalizing buildings,” Ruby said snotty.

“The only thing that has been vandalize was this world when you where born, and why didn’t you do that this morning,” Pearl laughed. “Where you to busy looking at yourself in the mirror?”

“Well at least I can look in a mirror with out getting it crack.” Ruby argued. “What are you doing?”

“At least I can finish a sentence with out getting a headache from thinking to hard,” Pearl argued back as the other students came back and a door slammed.

“What is going on this morning,” Amira came in. Amira was the exchange student from Romania. She had tan brown skin and long flowing black hair and squeezed herself right between Ruby and Pearl.

“Are you two out it again?” Amira smiled at the two girls and sat between them. “Do you agree on anything?” No one had ever talked to Pearl and Ruby like this she made it sound like they where equally annoying.

“They pretty much agree to disagree, sweetie?” Lucy another girl in the homeroom joked as everyone laugh. Pearl and Ruby didn’t say anything the conversion, it was very strange for both. “I’m tied of you arguing day after day, and” Amira smiled, “I brought you both a gift.”

Amira reached into her purse and took out two small necklaces one had a large black ball and wrapped in on Pearl, she felt in, it was a smooth and shiny like the beads on the white pearl necklace that belong to her grandmother. The other was plan with a pink diamonds pendent, Ruby felt it and knew it was a ruby.

“What is the point of this” Pearl asked.

“This doesn’t match my outfit” Ruby complained.

“Silent” Amarita spoke so loud that the whole room went quit. Than she said something in Romanian

‘Mai în întârziere a intra adv a mânca cu poftă di; pron cineva alt s pantof m adv voi vi pron eu de bună voie vt a descoperi vi voinţă marca numai voi a putea în cutie vaux numai că a-şi reveni când vi spectacol bunătate la duşman tu liber la du-te acasă;’ Pearl and Ruby did not know what to say none of them had a clue what she was saying then in the middle of all this she switch necklaces and rubbed them together. “Its all done now,” she smiled as she left.

Ruby and Pearl where totally confused as she said this the clouds went faster and lighting struck the front window, than the announcements came threw it was a blur, Pearl got dizzy it felt like circles begun to spun, at the same time Ruby saw dots go up and down and things begun to spin around. Soon the announcements ended and the home room was on their first period class.

“Hey girl,” Pearl smiled as Muffin give her a strange looks.

“What’s your problem, can’t you give a girl a hug?” Pearl asked.

“I’m not stupid, I know the different from being nice or trying to get under my skin. Don’t you have anything better to do, or are you too board.” Muffin said snotty and left. “Just stay away from me Ruby.”

At the exact same time Ruby came into the school’s lady’s room to check her makeup as she walked in smiling at her friends “Hey girlfriends, you won’t believe what happen on my way here, Kingly .E. Jackson actually talked to me, just because he has a massive crush on me, like everyone else doesn’t mean he has a right to say ‘hi’ to me; that is a privilege.”

“Why are you talking to us?” Freata asked with a weird look on her face.

“Cause you’re my friends, duh” Ruby answered.

“Um, I never talked to you,” Freata said snotty and left. Ruby looked in the mirror and saw a blond hair green eyes girl with pale skin, wearing no makeup and wearing a black ACDC t-shirt with rip jeans. She saw Pearl, just then she saw herself walk in, Ruby.

“Who are you?” Ruby asked.

“I should asked the same,” the girl answered. “You’re me” they said at the same time.

“Pearl,” Ruby question raising an eyebrow.

“Wait,” Pearl studied her twin than looked in the mirror she saw black hair brown eyes pale skin, and the works of a straighter, she was wearing a itchy fleece sweater with some stupid design and the ugliest jean skirt she had ever seen. “What is this some kind of cruel joke?” Pearl flipped out as she looked back and realized that Ruby was her, and she was Ruby.

“How could this happen?” Ruby asked.

“I don’t know we walked into home room and we walked out like this,” Pearl said frustrated.

“What could of caused this?” Ruby asked.

“Who cares about that? The answer is how do we get out of this mess” Pearl pointed.

“How are we going through the day like this we are late for first period.” Ruby said.

“Is that honestly all you can think about?” Pearl asked in anger.

“Well we can’t go through school like this” Ruby pointed out.

Just than Mrs. Whitecotton walked in the grails bathroom “If you girls don’t get to class I’ll write you up” she said as Ruby and Pearl where walking out.

“Ruby, what’s your first class” Pearl asked quickly.

“Astronomical Bio-Chemo lab?” Ruby answered.

“Which one of those?” Pearl asked confused.

“Room 190” Ruby answered handing her book. “Don’t act like yourself, try to be decent”

“What is this a gleaming dictionary?” Pearl asked.

“Good luck” Ruby smiled “Now where is your class?”

“10 D” Pearl answered. “Are you sure you could handle it?”

“Isn’t that an art class?” Ruby asked trying not to laugh.

“Here is my sketch book, my art book, and my pencil case,” Pearl said handing an art bag.

“Girls its class or detention” Mrs. Whitecotton ordered.

“Meet me hear at the end of first period” Ruby said, “I’m off on a easy day.”

“Ruby try to act normal,” Pearl said as they left.

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