The Night Quest

February 29, 2008
Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz. The laptop sounded awakening Kiona. This was nothing new to her. I mean her job is nothing new. “I’m not allowed to sleep am I Jerry?” Kiona walked over to her laptop and read the message her boss has sent her. “What? There is a kidnapper loose?! That is completely crazy! I’m not going after him!” Kiona typed a message back. “That isn’t my job.” Kiona went back to bed. Ten minutes later Jerry wrote back and the laptop buzzed. Kiona let out a short whine and went to the computer. “Jerry, this isn’t my problem. I am only a spy.” Jerry sent a short message that she only has to spy on him. “Oh. When do you want me to start my mission?” He responds then logged off. She looked at the message. “Tonight!”

Kiona sliped her tall, slender body into her black, skin like spy suit. She sleepily walked over to her closet and grabs her bag. She swiped the laptop off her desk and threw it into the bag along with a rope, and her cell phone. She tossed the bag on her pink and yellow daybed. When Kiona is finished writing down a couple of numbers like the man’s ID, she grabbed her bag and opens her door into the burgundy rugged hall. “Off I go.” Kiona said in a low, miserable voice.

Kiona stepped outside her apartment building. “Oh great.” She whined. She traveled through the rain and mud. The city of Kalisar is completely fogged. Kiona went down an alley. She placed her foot on the dumpster ledge and as she grabbed a pipe on the roof, she pulled herself up the café brick wall and onto the roof. “Now for the fun part, jumping buildings with a rope.” She took her rope and flung it to a metal bar on a higher restaurant roof beside the café. She did this until she got to a high enough building to be able to see a good view. “I guess I’ll set up my location here.” Kiona stated when she is on top of a theater. She set up her things and started to wait. Her boss logged on. She typed in wondering if Ron was coming. Ron is her usual companion. “No?! What am I doing here then? I can’t do this alone.” Kiona started gathering up her things when she heard footsteps coming. She stopped and crawled across the roof looking over all the sides of the building.

She was startled when she sees a man. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans with a trench coat. He stopped midway in the alley. She saw the man take out a soda. He popped the lid and sipped. “What is he doing?” Kiona whispered to herself. He then sat pretzel like on the ground and as he sat the can of soda down he looked up into the building filled sky. Kiona pulled herself back and he didn’t seem to hear or notice. She thougt he might be the man she is looking for. Kiona isn’t sure so she decided to watch him for a while. He took out a pad of paper and a dull, navy blue pencil. It almost looked as if he was taking notes the way he stared at the sky. Kiona went over to her computer and typed to her boss that she is watching a man that might be the kidnapper. She thougt about this a while. “He doesn’t seem like the right kind of guy. It can’t be him.” Kiona looked over the edge. The man twisted his head like a snap of the neck toward her. His eyes burning through her like red bullets.
“Are you watching me?” the man snapped in a snake like voice.
Kiona pulled her head back and thought of a plan. He was definitely the wanted one. “What was he doing? Does he have a theory unheard of? I mean, he does look like he is taking notes on the sky. Is he trying to trick me?” Kiona grabbed for her laptop, shoved it in her bag and thinks out a plan.

“I could bag him. Then drag him to the boss’s lab. No. That wouldn’t be very humane. What if I put hand cuffs on him then drag him back. That isn’t my job though. I guess I should call him in to my boss or the police and say I found him.” Bam! Kiona could only see darkness.

Kiona woke up in a dark room. “Where am I?” She looked around and saw a window. “What did he hit me with? I have to get out of here.” She tugged a bit and found she was tied to a chair. “Where is all my gear? They took my pocket knife. How am I going to cut the rope? This is my rope! They used my own rope against me!” Kiona is outraged. She heard footsteps coming down a hall. “I must be in a building.” The door cracked open.
“Are you conscious?” A raspy voice half chuckled.
“Who are you and what do you want from me.” Kiona asked thinking the classic response to being kidnapped.
“We will let you go but first we have a few questions.” The man flicked a lamp on and started to walk closer then stopped staying a few feet away.
“Let’s get this over with.” Kiona responded, voice sharp. She realized that this was the man she had seen in the street.
“I only have one important question.” the voice now curious. “Whom do you work for? I mean, your job. Who hired you? Are you a spy?” I must know.
“First, that is more than one question and I’m not going to answer any of them. That is for you to find out. Let me out of here you creep!” Kiona was irritated and disgusted.
“You aren’t going anywhere.” The man left the room chuckling to himself.
Kiona started to struggle under the rope. “I have to get out of here.” She pulled her head down low and bit the rope. She started to chew on the rope. “It’s starting to fray. Yes!” She kept going. When she was halfway through the rope she put her head down to relax. She then starts again. “How long will this take?” Kiona started to struggle and suddenly the rope snapped. Kiona falls to the ground with a thud. “Where did they put my things?” Kiona started to search the room and then she heard footsteps. She smashed out the window with her fist and hurriedly climbed out. Her hand was now bleeding.

She looked around and discovered she was in an abandoned jail. It was very small. She ran to the front and realized they took her to the other side of the city. “What now?” I need to get he cops here. She found that they have her cell phone. “I’m going to have to take a taxi or start walking.” Kiona says to herself. “It’s a good thing the laptop has a lock and so does my cell phone.” She started to walk because this half of the city is barren. When she got to roads that eventually lead to a highway, she was grateful. Kiona followed the road until she reached the highway. She started waving her hand for a taxi when someone put his hand over her mouth. She starts to struggle and then stomped on his foot. He let go and grabbed his foot with a moan. Kiona starts to run. She looked back and discovered it was the man again. She stopped. “What exactly do you want from me?”
“I needed a spy.”
“Why me?”
“You were the first one I saw that I was certain was a spy.”
“I have a nice job and I don’t want to work for you.”
“I can’t blame you.” the man replies as he let go of his foot.

The man walks up to her so he is only an inch or two away. “I’m sorry. No hard feelings?”
Kiona turns her back to the man to think. Then somethung hit her back and she fell to the ground. Darkness filled her view again. "I should have been smart enough to figure out it was a trick. Another trick. How am I going to get out of this one.

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