The Hunter

February 29, 2008
By Tristan Richardson, Mattawan, MI

Bang! The kick of the 12 gauge shotgun blew my shoulder back. It was like someone had pushed me away from the most valuable thing in the world. Jack walked up to the target, bull's eye! The sighted in gun sat in the house ready to go.

It was time to set out into the early morning woods. Jack, a twenty-five year old man, had black hair and a go-tee that wrapped around his face. The leaves and brush crackled under his feet as he walked with a make-way-for-the-king-stride. Jack lived in Delta County, Michigan. The time was 5:00 AM when he set out with his friends. He was all alone with only a gun, camouflaged clothes, sent, and a call.

Jack reached for the tree stand that seemed as tall as a telephone pole. Jack had never been afraid of heights as a little boy. In fact he would always climb on top of things to reach the sky. He would climb so high that he would be a dot in the sky, so high he could see all of the houses in town, so high people were little ants crawling all over the ground. Jack sat in the stand for two hours now without a sigh of a Northern White Tail Deer. He sat in the sturdy tree, eying the horizon, listening, and looking for movement. He could feel the cool air an his face that blew leaves from the trees. In the peace and quiet Jack layed his head back and doused off.

The sound of rumble woke him up. Jack grabbed his gun and looked around. He didn't see any thing and stayed awake. Jack grabbed the call and blew into it. A response came back. Jack, so dazed, everything came to him very slowly. His heartbeat pounding in his chest. He blew into the call once more and heard a response but it wasn't in the distance! The lightheaded hunter looked down at his gun. A movement caught his eye. Below him through the grid of the tree stand, Jack could see a Northern White Tailed buck. It looked massive! The rack on the deer had 10 points. Without any thoughts, Jack took aim and fired. Bang! The kick of the 12 gauge shotgun blew his shoulder back. It seemed like someone had pushed him away from the most valuable thing in the world. The deer became chile for his whole family.

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