December 22, 2012
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I was desperate.

I had to get this done now or I will forever regret living for the few days that I have. I had no money, no food, and I was going to resort to the final attempt of skyscraper-jumping if this didn’t work. I held the bundle in my arms. This little bundle was going to save me. This little bundle was my road to freedom.

I had to get this done.

I had to.

Then I saw him.

He had his head down as all the other desperate ones attempted to talk him into things he was probably too busy to do. He just ignored them and walked away. But, fortunately for me, I caught his eye. He stared at me for a minute before putting his head down.

Here was my chance.

“Sir, please. Help me!”

He kept walking.


He ignored me. Just like the other ones.

“No!” I pleaded, clinging to his shirt, “Please! Don’t leave me like this! Please! Help me!”

Tears started to stream down my face. He was my last resort. I had to get this done. I had to get this done. I tugged on his shirt desperately, sharply. He was my last resort. I had to get this done.

“I’m begging you!” I tried to pull him back, one arm around my little bundle. “Please! Help me!”

He shrugged me off. “God, lady! I can’t help you!”

I froze.

No. He has to help me. I had to get this done.

His voice grew softer. “I’m sorry. I really wish I could, but...I’m sorry.”


Sobs fought in my eyes as I started to shake. I begged with a choke in my voice, clinging to his shirt, “Then save my child! Please!” I looked down at the bundle and then back up at him. I brought my voice to a whisper, “Please.”

He stared at me for a while and then sighed. He looked around furtively; making sure no one saw him. He stretched out his arms for the baby and I came up close to him and said, “Thank you! Thank you so much!”

I brought my voice to a low, menacing whisper. “But your assistance is unnecessary.”

I took my bundle and gave it to him.

His eyes widened and he gave a choking gurgle, pain creasing in the corners of his eyes as the darkness enveloped his mind before going limp. I let him fall to my feet. I turned on my wrist com.

“Target eliminated.”

Then I took my bundle and left.

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