As The Rabbit Drowns

December 19, 2012
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As The Rabbit Drowns

Full of fear, the rabbit paddled and struggled, got his head up and took a breath, scrabbled his claws against rough bricks under water and lost them again as he was dragged on.
The rabbit tilted his neck back, looking at the crystalline surface, as he began his journey to the sea floor. He tried to hold his breath, letting as little air out of his furry mouth as possible, and tried to conserve oxygen. The water was being clawed at violently, but was awfully resilient. Becoming light-headed, he felt his feet nearing the abyss that was the Mariana’s Trench. As he was sinking, he settled from the state of angst, and he was now tranquil. His eyes were wide open but his vision blurry. His feet began to tingle, and he squeezed his face tightly as he descended into the cold, vast home of many species.
A spiky puffer fish in the distance was approaching him, but he didn’t notice. His mind was occupied by the slimy seaweed that entangled his furry feet. Struggling and anxious, he eventually escaped. By now, his vision was near perfect for he adjusted to the salt water surrounding him. All of a sudden, he spun like a top, dizzy. Passing by at a rapid speed was a great white shark, menacing. It was looking for its prey, the Albacore Tuna, miniscule to the shark but large to the rabbit. The rabbit watched the uprising duel from a distance, keeping away from potential hazard. Just as he looked away, the shark pounced violently and lodged his 3 inch, serrated teeth into the tuna’s scaly exterior. Now sunken beneath the scene, the rabbit’s foot skimmed the shell of an organism. His reaction was immediate as he flinched his foot back toward himself. Glancing down, he recognized the aquatic crustacean. The vent crab floated buoyantly, without a clue in the vast wasteland. He was lucky that the crab was there so he pulled his foot back because just then the puffer fish lurked beneath. Thinking one step ahead, he pushed himself back through the water for he saw the puffer fish’s petrifying predator, the tiger shark. The rabbit saw himself nearing the ocean floor and knew he was nearing his death.
The bright light of an anglerfish made him anxious, terrified of the angling, 8 inch syringes on its mouth. At this point the rabbit grew relaxed and calm, rubbing his feet in the wet, comforting sand. He used his powerful legs to thrust himself to the surface. Each specie, whether it be an anglerfish or a vent crab, watched him zoom through 6.8 mile trench at a rapid speed. Surface was shattered, and he took a deep, heaving breath, relieved.

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