An Unfriendly Request

December 19, 2012
An Unfriendly Reminder
Dear Cigarettes,

You are really killing me in here. I do not know what Jimmy is thinking when he smokes you but I absolutely hate it. When Jimmy smokes I start to shrivel up into a lump of spongy coal and do not work like I should. When Jimmy smokes I feel like I am living in a fireworks factory that is burning down. I cannot stand it anymore, it has to stop. Honestly cigarettes, if I could meet you, I would punch you right in the nose and stomp on your groin because of all the damage you are doing to me, Jimmy and any other person who smokes you. You might not realize the damage you are doing to me and Jimmy’s body, but I am sick of it. You just make people think you are not all that bad by giving them some of your nicotine. All of that terrible addictive stuff you put in Jimmy and any other smoker makes them like you and continuously tell themselves they need another one of you. Why can you not just come out from behind your little nicotine shield and fight me fact to face because I really want to get even with you for making me feel absolutely terrible, but I know that you are too much of a coward and you will keep hiding behind your nicotine. Maybe someday, people will realize what you are really doing to me and many of my other lung buddy’s. When that day comes, I hope they hunt you down, put you in a jail cell and throw away the key.

Jimmy’s Lungs
Jimmy’s Lungs

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