A Fairydend Must Defend

August 8, 2008
Amynn (ah-meen) Laronge sat, contemplating her wings. Amynn was a fairydend, that is to say a life size fairy. She was examining her wing’s length and color. They were by far quite long and shaped like monarch butterfly’s. The rich lavender-rose wings were thin and semi-transparent.
She looked in the wall mirror at her long slender face and pointed chin. She had a long curved nose set off stunningly bright sapphire colored eyes. Her lips were thin and pale pink. Her skin nearly matched that of a fresh new lilac bush in full bloom. Her rich dark purple hair hung in long loose waves that reached her lower back. She was built tall and slender. Her hands and feet were dainty. Her fingernails were long, glittery, and rounded.
“Amynn, Adizaho is here.”
Amynn quickly straightened up and became serious. She wanted to appear sophisticated and proper for her guest.
“Send him in.”
Adizaho was dark and muscular. His skin was a deep tan against his emerald eyes. His nose was large, but it was becoming on him because of the shape. It was not round but merely long and wide. The length complimented the width however so that his nose did not appear fat. Adizaho was a Majky, that is to say a man with magical abilities.
Amynn’s pet Poufonz, Jack, was whizzing about the room. Funny creatures Poufonz, they are the size of a round pillow and are said to be children of the rainbow. They are fluffy and come in vibrant colors. Jack was bright gold.

“Easy there, Jack,” laughed Amynn. “So sorry about that, Adizaho. He can be quite a handful.”
Adizaho shook his head and laughed. It was a deep roaring laugh, hearty and full.
“Never mind that, Amynn, I love the little guy!” With that Adizaho had Jack in his hands vibrating in its happiness.
“How is Kingser?” she asked. Kingser was Adizaho’s prized creature. Not to be called pets, Dragoffs were lethal in the wrong hands. For Dragoffs looked like the legendary dragon, but were the size of a horse and had a velvety coat. Unlike the dragon, Dragoffs did not breathe fire, but a poisonous liquid known as Kristoon.
“Kingser is well as usual. He is hunting at the moment. I suppose he is looking for a serpent of some kind. They are his favorite and keep his supply of poisonous Kristoon fresh.”
“Ah, yes, he is by far the smartest Dragoff I have ever met.”
“Yes, but we must not forget he is the ONLY one you have met.”
“True...true...all too true. But I must ask, Adizaho, what brings you here?”
“Well...I was flying by and decided I would drop in.”
“Adizaho, Alyveer is far, far, far from this Land of Eldvi. You could not have been just flying by. There must be some special occasion or news that you wish to tell me.” Amynn lifted her eyebrows and bore her intense eyes onto him as if seeing him inside and out.
“Nothing gets by you, Amynn. Yes, I come with news, but I am afraid it is not joyous. I fear the news I bring is grave and will require you and as many other strong ones as we can gather.”
“Why me, and then why strong ones? What must we do that is so grave?”
“Well...we must hide for one thing until we can build up a force strong enough. Hopefully it won’t be too late.” Adizaho had murmured the last part under his breath.
“A force? Whatever news can be so grave that we must build up a force of strong ones?”
“It is Zarrkoun. He is back and more evil than ever before. I am afraid that his people, the Hefthreers, have bred and are preparing to wipe out all creatures except themselves.”
“Zarrkoun cannot be back. I thought for sure he had been defeated in the Battle of Kykoon!”
“It appears not. You must come with me. Bring as little as you can. If we are to survive, we must do as I have said.”
“How am I to trust you, Adizaho, with so little of this news believable? What about the rest of the fairydends? What is to be their fate? Can we not build up our army here?”
“No, they know this location too well and you know as well as I that his land only lies on the other side of the mountain.”
“Where do you propose we go then?” Amynn asked, beginning to be very frightened.
“Well, first off we shall go to Alyveer. It is almost completely on the other side of this planet and there we can think clearly without staring at the mountains in fear.”
“Right, but as I said before what about the other fairydends?”
“There are only a few left because the Battle of Kykoon wiped most of them out. The only ones that are truly still here were those unable to battle known as the ancients. That is why I came to you. You, a child during battle, are truly the only one who is young enough to make the journey.”
“May I bring Jack?”
At this Adizaho smiled. “Yes,” he said, “you may bring Jack.”
Amynn began to pack as Adizaho sat on her bed with Jack in his arms.
“One thing that bothers me…” said Amynn.
“Yes?” replied Adizaho.
“It’s the ancients. If we can’t bring them with us, then what is to be their fate?”
“We must leave them Amynn. There is no choice.” Adizaho said this in such a grave way that she know what they were about to do.
“Adizaho! We cannot just run and hide leaving the people I’ve known all my life behind! If they were too old to fight in the battle of Kykoon, then why would we leave them now? Helpless! Defenseless! We can’t do that. I can’t do that.”
“Amynn, we can’t take them and we ourselves will die if we stay behind! We don’t have a choice!”
“Maybe we don’t have a choice, but I do. And I would rather die defending the defenseless, than run away knowing I left innocent people to die.”
“Amynn…” Adizaho left it at that. He knew Amynn well enough to know that there was no talking her out of it. “Be careful,” he finished.
“One last thing…” began Amynn.
“Take care of Jack.”
Giving Jack a kiss, Adizaho and Amynn went their separate ways, Adizaho to form an army and Amynn to defend the ones she loved. As Jack bounced along in Adizaho’s arms, Amynn took out the family’s secret magical blade, breathed deeply and said aloud “Alright, Zarrkoun, BRING IT ON.”

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