Water Is Life

August 8, 2008
By Ryan Malone, Wichita, KS

Mountains standing tall and bold, the wind brings to you scents of cities far away, of oceans large and of places so grand yet so far in the distance. But Mountains, you still stand tall and bold. The wonders of the world do not compare to your beauty, Grand Ones. Your snow and ice radiate light into the valleys in an assortment of colors, and beautiful plants take root from within you. The trees grow lush green leaves, and the wildflowers bloom on the mountain side in colors of yellow, pink, and purple. A light breeze flows over the fields of flowers. They live off the nourishment that you give.
You weep tears of joy for your beauty, and your tears create a clear trickling stream of water. Then tears of sadness roll from within you for you know that you will never see the cities of far away or the oceans large. Your tears of sadness join the trickling stream and a young river is born. The surrounding tall and thirsty trees thrive from the nourishment given from the River of Tears. The River slithers into the valleys where the magnificent sun shines throughout. Soon the River has seen the whole valley and wanders away in search of new beauty. It branches out into the distance and beyond the light of the golden sun.
Your River of Tears will travel all over learning of the cities of far away and the oceans large. You know this. Worry fills your heart. Your tears may not return with their glorious tales of these grand places. You also know they left in search of new beauty. You wait months and nothing. All around you the trees turn from green to gold then to brown for you have forgotten the nourishment they need. All around you it starts to gets colder. And you forget about your beauty and the nourishment of the trees, distracted by the worry that consumes you.
You wait many cold gray months and still your tears do not return. All around you it gets warmer and the majestic sun makes longer days. Then suddenly the sky is dark with sad clouds. You start to see your tears falling from the clouds, nourishing the plants, bringing new growth and renewing beauty. The flowers spurt from the ground and the trees unfold their leaves. Along with your beauty, the tears bring news of the grand cities and oceans of far away. They say none of these sights are as striking as you, and you are happy again. Like before, the wind begins to taunt you, Grand Ones, of new places, of new discoveries. You weep tears of joy for your newfound beauty and tears of sadness roll from within you for you know you will not learn of these new places or new discoveries. The river of tears flows again only to branch out into the distance in search of new beauty. And the cycle begins once more.

The author's comments:
I started to write this tale around 11:30 at night and just wrote down what popped in my head. When I was finished, I reread it and I realized it sounded a lot like a Native American Myth. While you read just remember, Water Is Life.

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