August 8, 2008
“Red wire, blue wire, red wire, blue wire…” Tim frantically scanned the interior of the device clutched in his hands, desperately searching for a way to halt impending disaster. His heartbeat surged violently, and his hands shook with fright. He was afraid for his life, but he knew that he had to work quickly if he wanted to survive. The wires inside the powerful apparatus were tangled into an indecipherable maze, and one had spontaneously come loose, instantly bringing doom close enough to taste. He glanced at a nearby clock. Six fifty nine.

“One minute, only one minute left…” Frustration convulsed through Tim’s body. He knew every second that passed brought him one second closer to annihilation. His fingers filed through the core of the gadget, urgently prying for the source of the malfunction.

“The yellow wire!” Tim jerked in excitement as he found the detached wire. The device slipped from his sweaty palms and flew into the air. Terror engulfed him as he watched the contraption sail. With only a few seconds left before catastrophe, Tim dove from the sofa, snatching the remote from mid-air as he collided with the carpet. With lightning reflexes he rapidly reattached the loose yellow wire and mashed the power button. The television turned off only a moment before a villainous, destructive episode of Oprah could make its way into Tim’s living room.

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