the truth about drinking and driving

August 6, 2008
The Dangers Of Drinking And Driving

I go by the name of Zack and this story will tell you the truth about drinking and driving. It all started in my junior year, I was an average 6'1, football playing young adult. I also had the most amazing girlfriend in the world; nothing could have possibly gone wrong " so we thought ". Every Tuesday we would drive down by the lake, maybe go swimming and then watch the most beautiful sunset. I loved her so much. I also planned on proposing to her my senior year, so many plans involved.
One night she asked me if I would care if she went to a party, I asked if there would be alcohol, she replied with a yes so I was a bit edgy about letting her go, I had trusted her better judgment and told her it was fine. I am guessing this is how it worked out though, she problem got to the party and was perfectly fine until some of her friends went over to her and talked her into drinking, she most likely took a beer had a sip and didn’t mind the taste, as far as I knew she’s never drank before. I am presuming she got carried away in the time and before she knew it she had seven maybe eight beers in her. She had been driving that night, that wasn’t her best intention.
She then problem left the party and was driving, not even five minutes after she left there was a car driving toward her and I was told she looked and acted fine when she left. The car coming at her forgot to shut his high beams off and with her being so intoxicated, she was completely blinded by the lights. They collided and her car wound up flipped over in a ditch, his only hit a telephone pole. It turned out all he had was a broken leg; he limped over to her car. She was unconscious and bleeding all over, he called an ambulance and it showed up about ten minutes later, she had no seat belt on so no one knows if that might have helped her.
The ambulance picked her up and raced back to the hospital, she struggling for life valued her last words " tell my boyfriend I love him ". The doctors said there was nothing more they could do. That night at eleven thirty I was called, woken up to find out my girlfriend was killed in a car accident and that she loved me.
This is not a true story but it shows the truth about what can happen when your drinking and driving, this sort of stuff happens day after day due to irresponsible teens and drunk driving and shows how dangerous it can be and I just wanted to help whom ever may concern realize it.

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