A Slayer Thing

August 5, 2008
By Emily Starratt, Kennesaw, GA

Chloe Morgson always knew she was different from her high school class mates. Not different in the geeky, unpopular way, just different. Strange you might say. While the “blonde bimbo’s” as she called them screamed at the sight of a ghost in a horror film, Chloe barley flinched when someone jumped out in front of her with blood on their hands. She was use to gross, unnatural things. She was pretty unnatural herself. But being unnatural wasn’t unusual to Chloe anymore. After three years of being different you started to get use to it. While her class mates went to the mall on weekends, Chloe went hunting. This brings us to the present situation.
While Chloe sat at the table she had finally been able to get hold of in the packed diner, she could feel the presence of more than one. Maybe two, no three, yes there are defiantly three of them. She thought to herself as she casually glanced around. She could feel their presence. And they were strong, but she couldn’t find them. The booth she sat at was in the perfect position. She could see every table with perfect clarity. The only problem was the fact that each table was jam packed with at least ten people. Ugh. Saturday nights are absolutely terrible for finding vampires. They blended in much to well, especially the most dangerous ones. They had a way of looking just like everyone else, a sort of power that helped them blend. The younger ones seriously lacked that power which made it much easier to place them in a crowded area. But it also made them a lot less fun to hunt for Chloe. Though it was difficult, Chloe loved tracking a vampire. She might as well enjoy it; she was made for it apparently.
The sound of a throat being cleared jerked Chloe away from searching the diner. “Can I get you something?” a young waitress asked. “Um…a coke.” Chloe said still a little distracted. But what the waitress said next snapped Chloe away from her search completely. “Are you going to order any food? Cause you know if you don’t then you’re just wasting my time and taking up space.” How rude could you get? There goes her two dollar tip. Chloe thought snidely. So just to get to the rude waitress Chloe said “Just the coke for now, thanks.” And waved her off. With a “humph” and a few garbled words the waitress walked away. Turning her attention back to the crowd Chloe notices that it has gotten larger. Was that even possible?
Starting to feel like the search was hopeless Chloe catches a glimpse of someone in black walking into the kitchen. Chloe wouldn’t have usually given a second thought to this except that none of the staff wore black. They were all forced to wear candy cane colored shirts and extremely lame looking hats. And from Chloe’s prior experience, vampires usually wore dark colors like black.
Getting up as discreetly as possible she began to make her way through the tables. Geez how many people could one restaurant hold? As she got closer and closer to the door where she had seen the figure go she could feel the hairs on her arm stand up. It got colder to, as it usually did around powerful vampires. And sure enough when Chloe reached the door there they were. Or at least there two of them were, sitting at a table she didn’t know was there. One that was out of the way of the other costumers and far enough away from Chloe’s table that she wouldn’t have seen it through the crowd. After three years of this, demons still gave her the hebejebees, especially vampires. Most demons couldn’t go around humans without making them scream bloody murder but vampires could. And that freaked Chloe out the most. The way they could go any where and no one would suspect a thing, except for a person like Chloe of course. And Chloe was reminded of this as she looked at the vampires from a safe distance. Both vamps had pale skin, not unusual, they were both male and looked just like two guys hanging out. They looked like they were in there early thirties, but really they were probably two hundred or more years old, she could tell by the energy they were giving off. The older the vamp the more powerful they are and the more energy they radiate. That was one of the first things Chloe had learned when she had discovered her true identity. As she studied them one glanced her way. She quickly looked in the opposite direction. For a few moments she pretended to be interested in the neon sign that read “hamburgers”. Half of it was burnt out. Feeling it was safe to look back she did and they were still there, not looking at her anymore, and deep in conversation. I hope they don’t talk long I have an English paper due tomorrow. She said silently to herself. Deciding it was safe to leave them for a few minutes to find the third one Chloe silently slipped through the swinging kitchen door. The kitchen was just as jam packed as the diner itself and everyone in it was moving at top speed. Glancing around she saw a door on the other side of the room that read “roof.” Quickly as was possible without drawing to much attention to herself Chloe moved across the room. When she reached the door she opened it swiftly and stepped into the dimly lit stairwell. Most normal people would have been freaking out but not Chloe, damp, dark, creaky stairwells just didn’t make her top-ten-most-scary-things list. It was in the early twenties though. She didn’t plan to sneak up on him, but still she walked quietly. Everyone knows you can’t sneak up on a vampire. It’s not possible, their hearing is better than…Well its better than anyone’s hearing. So why try and be quite? What was the point if whoever it is she was following could hear her? Chloe didn’t know. But being quite seemed like the right thing to do. Just incase whoever it is turned out to be a normal human being she didn’t want them to spot her. But Chloe doubted this more and more as she made her final descent to the top landing. The hairs on her arms were standing up again.
It was pitch black out now and the roof was only illuminated by a tiny lamp post in the middle. Thankfully Chloe had pretty good eyes. But apparently not that good of eyes because within the split second she had put her foot onto the roof she was plowed into from the side. It was a pretty tough struggle, she got in a few good hits, but the vampire she was fighting was stronger, because within a minute he was on top of her pinning her down. So this is how I’m going to die. I’m a pathetic loser. I didn’t even get the first blow in. What was I thinking, charging up here like that? IDIOT! As she was critiquing herself she didn’t catch the grips loosen on her arms or see the vampire’s facial expression change. Then he said “Chloe? Is your name Chloe?” this caught her off guard completely. How did he know her name? As if reading her mind he said “Yes I know your name. And I’m glad you passed my little test. Was afraid you wouldn’t see me in there or follow me for that matter.” Chloe tried processing all he was saying but it was difficult considering the million and one questions running through her head. She tried to think of something to say but all she could do was think of getting to the silver stake in her boot. So she said the first thing that came to her mind “Get off of me.” This brought a hint of a smile to the vamps face. Was that possible, could vampires smile? Apparently so because he said with a grin “Sorry love but I can’t. Because if the stories I’ve heard about you are correct the first thing you’ll go for is the silver stake in your boot.” While saying this he reaches down, making her feel rather violated, and takes the stake out of her left boot. He does all of this while keeping her firmly pinned down. Great there goes my weapon! She thinks to herself. “Fine, you have my weapon why don’t you just kill me and get it over with?” she says plainly. “Kill you! Why would I kill you?” the vamp says seeming completely flabbergasted at the thought. “Oh I don’t know? Because that’s what you do. Grab, suck dry, and leave. Yep that about covers it all. But hey nothing personal I wouldn’t expect anything less.” Chloe sarcastically replies. He grunts at this “Yes well that would cover how we feed. But I don’t plan on eating you. No I just want you to help me.” “In your dreams parasite.” “I just want to know how you learned about are kind. Can you answer that for me?” Chloe was stunned at the very thought of helping a vampire none the less one she knew nothing about. “No.” she says plainly. He groans again “Ill answers a question for you and in turn you’ll answer one of mine. Deal?” Ugh what was it going to take for him to leave? “Fine. How do you know my name?” she says quickly getting her question in before he can say a word. “I know many things about you. And I have my sources. Now answer my question. How did you learn of our kind?” “That’s not fare! You barely even answered my question!” she protests. For a moment Chloe was forgetting she was talking to a vampire but it all comes back to her when he places a long finger on her lips to silence her. Her whole body goes cold. He was powerful and way dead, like four hundred years dead. Yet of what she could see he looked about twenty if even that old.
Its then Chloe realizes that in his one movement her hand was freed. Thinking rapidly she promptly shoves him with all her might and they are tumbling on the roof again. They tumble all the way over to the ledge but not quite far enough to fall off. This time Chloe prevails while she holds him down she quickly gazes around her. She’s looking for her stake and there it is just out of reach.
Then she hears the scream, no screams and voices coming from the alleyway below. She knew instinctively that two of the four voices were vampires. The other two were their late night snack. She struggles with what to do. “Hmm…Not sure what to do next? You could save the people down there or kill me, a vampire who means no harm to you.” His reasoning is there but Chloe has never not killed a vampire in reach. But she knows deep down inside she has to save the people down in the ally, it’s her duty. With that thought in her head she gets up and starts walking towards the stairs. Halfway there he calls from behind her “For a minute there I thought you were going to kill me and sacrifice those life’s below.” She turns around and gasps because he’s right there just inches from her face. His brilliant green eyes staring deeply into hers. All snide comments she had been about to say were erased and all that came out was “Yeah well it’s a slayer thing.” There’s a short pause and then “I’ll see you soon Chloe and you count on that.” With that said he was gone. She felt the breeze go by her and ruffle her hair as he ran away at a completely inhuman speed.
The voices in the ally grow even more distressed and Chloe turns and walks back down the stairs, stake in hand to do what she was made for.

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