August 4, 2008
By Holly Nash, White, GA

The forest was quiet. Every animal hid, waiting for the gruesome hunt to be over, but, fortunately for them, they weren't the quarry.
The girl ran, trying to find the light - her finish line. She ran - graceful as a deer - lithely jumping every rock and branch. It wasn't that she was a track star; the adrenaline rush made every sense sharper.
No light was admitted through the thick canopy of trees. If she could reach the light, she would be promised another chance to breath, but the creature behind her was slowly coming closer.
His teth were knawing at his throbbing gums; he was moving at an inhuman speed. Every sense inside him sycronized to achieve one goal - to feed. He could hear her heartbeat rising, and he knew he had her.
The sun had set, so the man could leave his green prison.
The girl reached the edge of the forest; the sky was black. It was then that she realized something: There was no stopping him...and she was going to die.

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