August 3, 2008
I blinked my eyes slowly, gazing calmly around the room. I drummed my pencil in my hand; the other classmates sat listening to the teacher, clearly bored out of their mind. My green spiral-bound notebook sat open in front of me. I was supposed to be taking notes, but I was daydreaming as usual. I sighed, completely out of it.

The teacher droned on about something having to do with language class; my imagination soared out of the room to another world. I wasn’t sitting in a classroom. I was practicing archery on a flat green plain with the wind blowing slightly and the sun shining brightly. I pulled the string back and released the arrow. The arrow struck the middle; bullseye, I thought. Then, suddenly, I shot from the ground and was soaring, high above the puffy white clouds, through the atmosphere. I shot into space, twirling around and about, and somehow landed on the planet of Pluto. I stroked the rocky ground fondly, for Pluto was my favorite not-a-planet.

I lay down on the rocky ground on my back and looked up at the beautiful celestial happenings around me. The planets seemed to be moving quicker than they normally did. The stars revolved around me in a lovely swirling vortex. It seemed as if I could just extend my arm and grab one. So, wanting to see if I could, I reached out and managed to grab one, putting it in my pocket. I smiled peacefully; everything seemed so calm, peaceful, and it felt like everything was right in the world.

Abruptly, violent tremors shook the not-a-planet I was on. I tried to stand up and was shaken off the planet. I landed back in reality with a bump. Pushing my bangs out of my eyes, I looked up to see the teacher standing over me disapprovingly. The class was snickering softly. I could feel my cheeks flushing red for this wasn’t the first time I had to be shaken out of a daydream during class. The teacher shook her head, clearly annoyed, and scolded me for daydreaming.

The bell rang shrilly, and I was saved from any further embarrassment. I hugged my books to my chest, making sure I got my spiral-bound notebook, and headed out the door. I walked slowly down to my locker in the basement of the building with my head down, thinking and pondering life. I threw my books from my last class into my locker once it was open and grabbed my books for my next class. I was about to close the locker door when I felt something in my pocket.

Frowning softly, my brows furrowed slightly, I reached in and pulled the mystery item out. A sparkling rock was sitting in my hand, practically laughing out of pure joy to be in existence. I smiled happily for the joy seemed to be contagious and put the rock back in my pocket. Then I closed my locker door on reality and delved deep into my dreams.

The End.

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