Dead Thoughts

August 2, 2008
Linda drove down Bartlebee Avenue without a single care on her mind. Her hair was flowing in the breeze from her rusty-old convertible. Chippy, her golden retriever, was panting profusely with his tongue bouncing around his chin. Today was a strange day though, no one was strolling around the sidewalks and no cars were parked anywhere. Linda thought nothing of it as she kept driving. Abruptly, Chippy let out a thunderous bark as a minivan swerved into Linda’s car. The car came to a screech halt before turning on its side. Linda was dazing in and out of consciousness, upside-down in her seat. She made a low moan and turned to Chippy who was crying and severely hurt. Linda frantically moved her hand around to find the seat belt when suddenly the car burst into flames. Chippy let out an earsplitting shriek as his fur caught fire. Hands to her face, Linda madly moved her hands to try to unbuckle herself. The burns were getting worse and the buckle wasn’t appearing. In a final moment, Linda started crying. She went hysterical, crying even louder than before. Linda uncovered her face for one second to see a wine-colored figure standing in the flames. It held a dagger as it drew nearer to Linda. It was a flesh-less, blood covered skeleton that crouched beside her. Blood was dripping from the empty eye-sockets as it muttered one final phrase.

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