December 16, 2012
An awkwardly shaped object of much confusion, is what they described it as when they asked me to investigate. In my opinion this isn't confusing in the least, but utterly simple. Two antennas with a circular head on the end of them. The head includes a mesh of some sort of metal wire. The long gangly part seems to be a tube of plastic coated in smooth material, purely used for decoration. The tube is extremely flexible The end is a hard plastic, maybe porcelain, extremely white in color and hue. A strange metallic spigot has made a permanent home at the end of the tube. This lucky contraption was obviously used to strain and purify water and other liquids. The liquid would be poured in through the wire mesh, which in turn would catch all impurities that these clumsy beings would accidentally allow into their only sources of hydration. The liquid would drain down the tube and through the spigot into their mouths. Insuring that they were consuming the purest of water.

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