Silent Night: Deadly Night (Horror script)

July 31, 2008
Act I- Scene I

It was a cold, bitter winter and the entire district 218 was on winter vacation. The date was December 23, 2008, the night before Christmas. All was calm on the snowy streets, where a bus had returned from Miami, Florida. The students and teachers were thrilled with sarcasm when they were heading home.

Mr. Cooper- (Students talking in background) - Great day to come back home, don’t you think?

Ms. Scolaro- Yeah, (Acting serious), a month away from home and I still thought of coming home early. (Sighs) At least we got the best of it.

Evan- (Interrupts) Got that right. How long until we reach the school?

Bus Driver (Mike) - In ‘bout half an hour on these roads. You’d better go sit back down with the others.

Evan- Okay. (Scrambles back to the others) It won’t be long. Hey, Roberto, how about some jokes.

Roberto- Alright, I’ve got one. How do you know when a dead baby is a dead baby?

Evan- I don’t know? How do you know?

Roberto- The dog plays with it more. (Everyone starts to laugh hysterically)

Amairani- Aren’t they just the best? They should go on the road.

Stephanie- No. They do that, less laughter for us.

Amairani- Oh, never mind then.

Mark K. - Sing a song, Evan. I think the girls would love to hear one. (Trying to make Evan embarrassed)

Evan- (Blushing) No, no. I don’t think my voice is good anymore. I haven’t sung in SO long. (Everyone pouts and moans) Okay, I’ll sing one. (Turns on MP3 Player and starts singing Every Breath You Take by The Police)

Ariege- (Evan Finishes song) That was great! How about another? I would love to hear another. (Everyone agrees)

Evan- WOW! I didn’t know I was that good. You know what, I will sing another. (Clears throat, switches song to A Modern Myth by 30 Seconds To Mars, starts singing)

Mike- (Evan finishes song) Alright kids. Have a seat. We’ll be there shortly. (Everyone sits with silence in the midst)

Yvette- I wonder if there’s anyone waiting for us at the school.

Walter- (Overhearing) I don’t know, but I am definitely having a story to tell when I get home.

Ms. Scolaro- Alright, calm down everyone. I know you’re all excited, but-

Mike- God, it’s so hard to drive through this. (Switches to the far right lane) What is that? (Glances slightly and notices a mound higher than the bus, finally notices a car in the mound.) Oh, God! HANG ON! (Mike Reacts too late)

The bus spurts out of control and hits the car, causing the mound of snow to fall. The mound made the streets ahead of them not drivable. Meanwhile, as they hit the car, the bus flips to its side, falling on it, causing everyone to fall on each other, with the bus going at over 40 miles per hour. The bus slides down the covered streets, making people move about. The bus suddenly stops, the driver not knowing it hit a concrete sign. Everyone’s writhing in pain, trying to move. Only half of the group are able to move.

Evan-(Moans in pain) What the hell was that? (Looks around) What the hell happened? (Notices Yvette not moving next to him) Yvette, are you okay? (Feels for a pulse) Okay, (Speaking to himself) she’s still alive, but unconscious. I better be careful getting out of here. (Yells out) Anybody okay? (Hears moaning near him) Ms. Scolaro!

Ms. Scolaro- (Trying to open her eyes) Evan? Is that you? (Evan feels her hand, telling her it’s him) Oh, God. I can’t move. My leg is broken.

Evan- Don’t worry. I’ll find something to splint it with. Just hang on. (Ms. Scolaro passes out) Can anybody hear me?

Ariege- (Hearing Evan’s cry) I’m alright. A few cuts and bruises, but I’m okay.

Randall- Me, too. I have a deep cut in my arm, though.

Mark K. - I’m okay. I have a cut in my head and it’s bleeding badly.

Evan- Can you move?

Mark K. - Yeah, but it’ll take me a good minute to get up.

Evan- Well that’s all that counts. Anyone else? (Other people start to comply)

Tony- I’m okay, but the twins are unconscious.

Evan- (Playing leadership role) Okay, get them off the seat and lay them across the glass. Use you jackets for their heads. We want them to get better, not worse. (Looks outward) That goes for everyone. If they are not moving, get them off the seat and onto the windows. Use your jackets to support their heads. (All agree and get to work.) Besides, we have to be careful with out movements. Move across the seats with their legs. Also, move the bottom cushions of the seats and lay them on the windows to act as a bed. We don’t want any glass to make them bleed.

As they work, they feel that no one would come for them. Then, one of the teachers gets an idea.

Ed- Hey, where’s Mr. Cooper?

Evan- (Looking around, notices escape hatch is open, see Mr. Cooper running) Mr. Cooper! Don’t leave us! (Climbs back down) Anybody know where he ran?

Ariege- He left a note. It reads “Left for help. Be back soon. Stay by the bus.”

Danielle- He left alone? When do we even know when he’ll even come back?!

Randall- (Interrupting) I don’t know, but we ‘should’ just stay here. You know, until he comes back.

Evan- Right. We’ll stay on the bus until he comes back. In the meantime, keep tending to the wounded. (All walk carefully back to the wounded)

Mark K. - Hey, Evan, how’s the bus driver?

Evan- I don’t know. I’ll go find out. (Crosses the pegs of the seats towards the front) Hey, Mike, are you okay?

The bus driver had a gash in his head. He was dead when the bus crashed, but he just bled out when it hit.

Evan- (Feels for a pulse) Poor man… (Puts coat over body) Rest in peace, my friend. (Heads back to Mark K.)

Mark K. - So, how is he?

Evan- He’s dead. (Sighs) How’s everyone back here?

Ariege- (Interrupting) Well… we’re doing the best we can, but- (shows Mark H.’s body) he didn’t make it. He died from blood poisoning.

Evan- (Closing his eyes in disgust and sadness) Damn. We’ve got to do something.

Hannah- (Looking through the escape hatch) Hey guys! It’s Mr. Cooper! He’s back!

Evan- Roberto, stop what you’re doing. Go get him. Bring him back.

Roberto- Okay. (Crawls through the escape hatch, heading outside)

As he is outside, Roberto notices something weird about Mr. Cooper. He’s walking with a horrible limp than before. Roberto steps closer, trying to talk to him.

Roberto- Mr. Cooper, did you find any help?

He doesn’t utter a word. He is just walking.

Roberto- Mr. Cooper, talk to me. Say something. What happened? (Notices a knife in his back) Oh my god! Don’t worry, I’ll help you. (Tries pulling out the knife, Mr. Cooper lets out a terrifying scream. The knife is pulled out, but Cooper falls to his feet in the snow.) Jesus! (Crawls back inside the bus.)

Ariege- Well, what happened? We heard a scream.

Roberto- He’s…He’s…

Evan- Calm down man. Take a breath.

Roberto- (Inhales, somewhat puking, then speaks) He’s dead. He was stabbed. (Starts to show fear) I tried to save him, but I failed. (Puking again)

Evan- Hey… (Puts an arm around Roberto) You did your best. That’s all that matters.

Roberto- Yeah, besides the school isn’t far away. He was gone for what? Half an hour? An hour, at least? We can probably go for help.

Hannah- What about the rest of us? The ones that can’t move!

Ariege- She’s right. The wounded can’t stay here. They need a better place to stay.

Evan- Well, do we have any rope?

Walter- I have a 50- foot thick black cable in my bag. We can use it to pull bodies through the snow. We’ll also use the seats as a sled for the wounded.

Mark K. - That’s great, but how are we supposed to get them out with the seats?

Evan- We’ll use the door. (Heads to the front, moving over Mike’s dead body, pushing the switch to the doors.) We’ll have the cable dangling above the door. We tie the cable around body and the seat, but not too tight around the body. Then, we have three guys pull them out, preferably the strongest, and onto the snow. Once we have all of the bodies out, we will grab the cable and tie the seats together. Then, each of us will grab a row of seats to pull and drag to the school. Okay? Let’s get started. (All move out and start working)

They all had a job to do and they stuck to it. They knew that what mattered most was life. Each of them were moving like mice on a pendulum; they were working constantly. They had pulled out at least half of the wounded and were getting tired, but they never stopped for a break. None of them quit their task.

Randall- Man, and I thought this would be fine. The women were easy to out, but man! These guys are heavier than me!

Evan- Calm down, Randall. (Making Stressful noises) We only have two more bodies to pull out. I think you can do it.

Walter- Will you guys shut up and keep pulling?! I can’t hold Allen alone! (Both guys assist, Allen is pulled up and lowered down into the snow)

Randall- I can’t believe this all happened. I could be home by now, visiting my family.

Evan- I know, but think. We can help each other out through this. We are old enough to defend ourselves.

Walter- Goddammit, will you guys SHUT UP and focus?! I can’t keep holding this guy for long. ( Both guys assist again, Walter struggles) That’s it. I’m done with this. I need a break. (Sits on a window, window breaks, Walter falls through, breaking his neck, his body falling and starts bleeding from the ears)

Evan- (Looking down the window where Walter had fallen) Jesus! That’s a hell of a way to go. (Jumps down off the bus with Randall close behind) Alright, do we have everyone?

Danielle- Yeah. We grabbed as much excess cable as we could. We put bodies together in three’s. We can have two people each pull a set.

Randall- Great job! Ed and Matt, Ivan and Mark, Roberto and Randall, and I will drag the bodies. These are our groups. Ladies, stay right by us. You can help out if you want to. We will stay as a group. (All start moving into the bitter cold)

Act I Scene II- Frozen Passage

The group walked through the bitter cold, dying to get to the school. They all were too anxious…

Ariege- (Trying to start conversation with Evan) Hey, do you need a hand?

Evan- (Surprised) OH! Thanks. (Ariege assists)

Ariege- So, how did you come up with the idea of using the seats as a bed and jackets for their heads?

Evan- What? (Grunting of the pain)

Ariege- How did you come up with this?

Evan- My mom is a nurse and I went to her work one day, learning about splinting arms and all that. Then, I start learning about supporting the body in a cold situation. I remembered and I guess it came in handy. The jacket thing was from the teaching. The bed idea was all my idea.

Ariege- Wow, that’s cool.

Evan- Hey, Ariege? (Slows down)

Ariege- Yeah?

Evan- If we get through this, I just wanted to tell you that I love you.

Ariege- Awe… (Somewhat surprised and happy) That’s so sweet.

Evan- Really? When we through this, we can hang out…

Ariege- Yea, (Blushes) it would be fun.

Ed- (Interrupting) Hey lovebirds! Stay focused! We’ll be there soon.

Evan- (Redirecting focus, but still in love) Right, right. We should, uh, get back on track.

Ariege- (Redirecting focus as well) Right. (Shines flashlight ahead) It’s this way. (Points to their left)

Evan- Follow us! (Group shifts to their left, with Evan and Ariege holding hands.) It won’t be far now. (Looks back) No turning back now… (Looks forward, walking slowly)

They walk through the treacherous wasteland, begging for the time of warmth. With their feet tired, arms giving out and head feeling dizzy, the group continues to move toward the school.

Hannah- Evan! Come on, Evan! (Pleading) We have to rest. We need to rest.

Evan- We’re almost there! Just hang on. (Group keeps walking)

Ed- Man, what I would kill for a drink.

Randall- Got that right.

Ariege- Evan, come on. We’ve got to stop. (Pleading)

Evan- (Excited) Why do that when we’re already here?

Ariege- (Looking in astonishment) We’ve made it. Thank God! (Turns around) Hey guys! We made it to the school. Take 10 minutes to rest. Evan and I will go and find a way to get in. (All sit upon open spots on the seats to rest.) Come on, Evan. Let’s get out of this wasteland.

Evan- Alright, I’m coming. (Both leave)

Roberto- So… how long do you think it will take for them to come back?

Danielle- Ten bucks says half an hour.

Mark K. - Twenty on an hour.

Danielle- Deal. (Shake hands on it)

As the group waits, Ariege and Evan walk off finding an entrance to the inside to open the other doors, meanwhile discussing their hobbies and interests.

Ariege- So, uh, how long have you liked me?

Evan- Well… I really can’t say. It’s kind of hard to explain. All I can say is this. (Both stop) You are very beautiful and you, to me, are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

Ariege- WOW! I never knew that. Besides, you’re somewhat the same way. You’re kind, caring, funny and commanding. You really know how to get everyone on your side.

Evan- Thanks. You’re the best.

Ariege- No Problem. (Ariege kisses Evan on the cheek and slowly lets go, blushing) Well… we should probably find that door.

Evan- Right, right. (Both head to the gym doors) Damn. Locked. Hold on… (Looks at cloth, breaks glass on a door) After you. (Ariege walks inside, then Evan)

The two of them walked through and looked around the gym and it was vacant. They thought that there would be at least one person here, but there wasn’t. The place was quiet and very spacious. Nevertheless they walked on.

Evan- This looks like a perfect place to stay. We keep the injured either here or in the LRC. What do you think?

Ariege- Um… (Thinks for a moment) LRC. Definitely LRC.

Evan- Well, let’s get to those doors.

Ariege- (Staring at each other) Okay.

Ten minutes later, the group are still waiting and they wait patiently for them to return.

Randall- Anyone know how long they have been gone?

Ed- (Checks watch) Twenty minutes.

Danielle- They’d better get here soon. These guys are going to faint. (Looks at Matt) What are you doing?

Matt- I’m melting the snow and using it as water. These people are dehydrated. They need water.

Danielle- Okay… I’ll leave you to what you’re doing. (Matt continues melting snow, running over to Mark) How are they?

Mark- They’re going to make it, but not for long. (Sighs) We’ve got to get out of this cold.

Randall- I hope they get back soon. I’m frozen all over.

The doors click open, showing Evan and Ariege on the inside.

Ariege- Come on, you guys. Head to the LRC with the wounded.

Evan- We’ll make sure you get there. There’s a flashlight in there for a path. Place the wounded on the tables leave the seats on the floor. (The group start walking to the LRC, with Ariege and Evan close behind) Close the doors and give me those chains. (Looking outside) Something is out there, and I don’t want it coming in.

Ariege- Okay. (Leaves off getting the steel chains)

Evan- (Speaking to Himself) We’re going to have to stick through this together. (Sighs) If we don’t, then we will all be in a world of chaos before the New Year.

Act II Scene I- A nice, warm, creepy welcome

The date was December 24, 2008; Christmas Eve, and everyone wanted to go home. It was midnight. The snow toppling over the doors at five feet. Everyone was freezing. The power was shut off because of the storm. Almost everyone was unconscious or asleep. We all knew that this was ‘survival of the fittest.’

Allen- (Starting to gain consciousness, groaning) What, (Leans upward) happened?

Tony- We crashed and you were unconscious-

Evan- -and I have got to say, (Interrupting) you are one heavy guy.

Allen- (Tries to laugh) Where are we?

Ariege- We’re at the school. We dragged you and a few others through the snow on seats. No one died on the way here, but we lost Walter, Mark Hagger and Mr. Cooper at the crash.

Ivan- (Waking up, startled by all of the noise) WHAT?!! What about Ms. Scolaro?

Ms. Scolaro- (Waking up, eyes still closed) I’m here, but I can’t move. I broke my legs. (Trying to arch forward) How is everyone?

Randall- Everyone else is okay. We lost a few people.

Ms. Scolaro- My lord. Who?!

Evan- (Takes a deep breath) Walter, Mark Hagger and Mr. Cooper.

Ms. Scolaro- Poor things. How are we holding up in here?

Ariege- The 3rd floor is somewhat caved in. The power is out and we have no food.

Ed- What about the vending machines?

Ariege- Most of them are empty. They were either emptied or broken into by someone else.

Tony- (Shocked) GREAT! Now we have no power or food.

Evan- Calm down, Tony. I brought my satchel along. (Tosses it to Tony) There’s plenty of refreshments to go around, but we need to distribute these to everyone, including the wounded. (Walks off)

Danielle- Wait! Where are you going?

Evan- I’m going to the cafeteria to find more food.

Ariege- I’m coming, too. (Runs straight to him)

Evan- We’ll be back. Everyone just stay here.

Mark- How come you are telling us what to do?

Evan- (Gets in Mark’s face) If I didn’t take a leadership role, then we would all be back in the bus freezing to death even more then we are now. Now, we will be back. Stay here. (Walks to the door, exiting)

Ms. Scolaro- What’s up with them?

Tony- You don’t want to know.

Ivan- Hey guys! I found a radio and some more food.

Yvette- How? (Waking up) How did you find food?

Ivan- In the desk over here. There’s leftovers of meat here. Must be at least a day old.

Danielle- But, I thought that no one had been here for a few days because of the storm.

Randall- (Curious) Looks like we do have an extra person staying here. Watch your backs. He/she or it might still be here.

Meanwhile, when the group was converging on ideas, Ed had his own plans to discover. He secretly left the LRC to search the halls for supplies.

Ed- Now… (Looking back and forth) where can that place be?

Although blinded by the night and dark, Ed lightly walked through the halls. Not knowing what was in front of him, he still walked.

Ed- That place can’t be far. I better just keep going.

Then, the moonlight shined above him showing small sparks of light through the halls. Ed was delighted, but he was too far to realize something was near him. He stops, noticing something in the midst.

Ed- What the…? (Looking forward) Well, I guess it was nothing. (Keeps walking forward)

Then the moonlight fades, showing nothing. Ed, nothing that he is dependent and determined, moved on into the abyss. Then, a flash of light glimmered in front of him, blinding him greatly. He couldn’t see, not could he speak. He just couldn’t stop staring at the light. He glanced forward and walked closer to the light. He kept walking when suddenly a force of nature or some creature grabbed him and the light disappeared. When the light disappeared, only flashlights showed, with Evan and Ariege heading down the halls. They glance at the floor, noticing puddle and a jacket.

Evan- What the hell is going on? (Showing the flashlight all around him and Ariege in a circle)

Ariege- Quit it, Evan. You’re scaring me. (Glancing at the red puddle) What is that?

Evan- (Glances flashlight at the blood, puts a finger in the puddle, smells it) It’s… (steps back) blood. (turns around) We should get the hell out of here. Let’s go back the group.

Ariege- Okay. (Both leave to the LRC with the food)

As they return, the group is still questioning how there could be someone here.

Evan- (Shocked) Anybody want to tell me what the HELL is going on? (Drops bloody jacket on the floor, everyone stops and stares at him)

Randall- What are you talking about? (Surprised at how angry Evan is) Whose jacket is that?

Evan- I wish you could tell me. I found it in that hall, along with a puddle of blood. We went down that hall together and came back with it in that same hallway. (Looks around counting everyone in the room) Wait a minute… where’s Ed?

Mark- (Looks around) I don’t know. (Shouting out) Ed? Ed?! Where are you? (Glancing back at the coat) Wait a minute. Hey, Evan, don’t you guys remember Ed wearing the same coat when he came in?

Everyone is shocked at the series of circumstances. They realize that the bloody coat is actually Ed’s jacket and Ed’s blood. They come to the conclusion that Ed is dead. The girls are scared because they soon notice a hand in the arm of the jacket. Evan pulls it out and suddenly throws it to the floor. He is disgusted and sits down at a seat.

Evan- What in the world is going on? What is happening here? (Very disgusted, sits at the end of an empty table and keeps quiet, speaking to himself) I can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep doing this anymore. (Lays head down and sobs)

Matt- He’s lost it. He’s gone off the deep end. (Looking over at the jacket) Hey, Mark, did Ed have a camera with him?

Mark- I think so, but I think he lost it in the bus. Why?

Matt- Maybe if we have some sort of recorder or camera, we will give one to Evan so that he can voice his opinions and keep it to himself. Maybe that will help him regain his composure. Search his bags and everyone else’s we grabbed.

Everyone is frantically searching through his bags until they find a small tape recorder with three to five spare tapes with it. They find a set of batteries along with it. They load the batteries and one tape inside and give it to Evan for therapy. He played for about ten minutes when realizing that where he was and what had happened. He was back in the world and he was glad to be back.

Evan- (Regaining consciousness and composure) Well… we better get on shall we. (Walking to the door) I am going to the security center alone. I am taking the tape recorder with and a flashlight. I am taking a radio as well. I am on channel two if you need me. (Walks out)

Ariege- (Depressed) I wonder if he’s okay. (Walks away from the table and wonders off to tend to the wounded)

Act II Scene II- A lonesome time in the world

Evan, being depressed as he was, walked out of the room. Being determined as he was, he walked quickly to the security center to look at cameras throughout the halls. He was determined to find out what happened.

Evan- (Speaking into tape recorder while walking) Now… how did Ed die and how did he disappear into thin air. (Turns off tape recorder and keeps walking) Here it is. (Opens door to the security center, heads straight to the computers) Hmm… they’re on. I thought that the power was off. (Turns tape recorder on) It seems that the power to the computers runs on a different circuit. I better tell the group to check all of the computers in the LRC. (Turns tape recorder off again, grabs radio) Hey, guys?

Mark (through radio) - Yeah? What’s going on, Evan?

Evan- I don’t know. Can you check the computers in there? They’re on here, and I need to be sure if those computers are working.

Mark (through radio) -- Um… hold on. (Radio produces static, noises in background) Yeah, the computers work in here. They are all working in here.

Evan- That’s what I thought. Do any of you know where the fuse boxes are?

Sean (through radio) -- Um… I might know. They might be in the FAC or in the F-Wing. You might want to check those places.

Evan- Okay. Thanks. Out. (Puts radio in his holster) I better check it out. (Gets up out of seat and walks toward door)

As Evan is walking toward the door, he hears and notices a tall figure outside. He stops, figuring it would not see him, and lightly walks toward a dark spot in the room. Even if he is in the spot, he forgets to turn off the flashlight at the desk. He panics and scarcely, yet quietly goes to the desk and turns the light off. The figure faces the door, not knowing what is there, but it knows something is by the door. The mysterious figure walks away, figuring that there was nothing. Evan takes a small, slow, quiet breath, knowing he was in the clear. Then, out of nowhere, the radio produces static and makes a loud noise. The figure returns knowing something is there. The figure opens the door, with Evan holding his breath and ditching the radio. He slides the radio across the room, making it sound like the noise came from the other side of the room. The figure walks inside, with Evan still being very mysterious, like a ninja. The figure that Evan sees is a tall man with red eyes, bulking arms with somewhat deformities on the hands. He notices the hands are like giant mace spikes and he is devastated. He does not drop a thing. Instead he waits until the figure is gone. Ten minutes go by and the figure is at the door. He intends to leave and he breaks the door. He walks greatly out of the room heading down towards the gym. Evan moves slowly to grab the radio, but the radio is smashed and there are no other radios in the room. Instead of heading back, he continues to the FAC to turn on the lights in the LRC.

Evan- (Turns on tape recorder) Who was that guy? Who or whatever that thing was, it cannot get to the other guys in the shadows. I must turn on the power. (Exits the gapping hole in the door and lightly walks to the FAC)

As he gets to the doors of the FAC, Evan tries to open the doors and he notices they are locked. He walks to the other set of doors and realizes they are jammed from the other side.

Evan- Something is happening in there and I intend to find out what.

He grabs a crowbar that is lying on the floor and pries the jammed door open. It takes him some amount of force, but he opens the right side of the double-doors. He keeps the crowbar in his hands, not knowing if there would be any distress or trouble. He follows inside, with the flashlight in his left and the crowbar in his right, his strong hand. He looks around for a fuse box on the wall and finds nothing. He looks into the door to the left and finds something very disturbing.

Evan- What the hell is that? (Grabs the blood drenched clothing)

What he didn’t know was that it was Ed’s clothes and the bodies from the bus.

Evan- Oh my lord. What the hell is going on? (Closes the door quietly) I’d better check the other door.

As he heads to the other door, he trips over a body on the floor. He flashes light over the body, showing a security guard on the floor. The light reflects upon a revolver still in its holster and Evan grabs it.

Evan- (Checking the revolver for rounds in it) For good luck. (Checks body for extra rounds) I guess I will only have this clip and two spare.

He continues to walk to the other door and he keeps the crowbar with him. When he gets to the door, Evan tries to open the door and notices that door, too, was jammed. He puts the gun in his pocket and puts real force into the door with the crowbar. He put the crowbar into the broken handle, figuring it would work. After a few minutes of jiggling the handle, he manages to get the door open.

Evan- I better keep this thing handy too. (Puts crowbar in the radio holster)

As he entered the room, he noticed a box on the support beam of the room, where a hole had formed in the ceiling. He glanced over the hole, noticing a piece of shrapnel hanging on a sharp edge of metal. He tries to grab, but cuts his hand open trying to get it. He wraps the hand in a piece of cloth, possibly from his shirt, and continues on. When he reaches the switchbox, he reads the labels over the switches trying to find the words ‘Lights- LRC). When he finishes reading the labels, he finds the switch to the far right. He tries to pull the switch upward, but it is jammed.

Evan- Man, I am getting tired of this jammed stuff. (Grabs the crowbar) Well… I guess one more thing wouldn’t be so bad.

He grips the crowbar as tight as he can and puts all of his force into flipping the switch. After a few hits, the switch flips upward, and power is restored somewhat. When the power is turned on, the lights start to flicker is spurts and begin to short out.

Evan- Damn. I guess the fuse box is damaged. I better find an alternate fuse box. (Looks at the map to his left) Hmmm… (Points to a single spot on the map) There it is. (Walks out and head to the broken in door)

Meanwhile… as the lights begin to turn on, the group starts to discover plans of their own.

Ariege- (Lights turn on) He did it. Radio to him and tell him he did it. (Lights flicker on and off)

Sean- (Speaking through radio) Evan. Evan? Do you copy? (Static) There’s no answer.

Amairani- I hope he’s okay.
Ariege- (Concerned) He has been gone for some time.

Mark- (Opens a liter of soda) Well… Merry Christmas everyone. Someone have any cups?

Danielle- (Looks through her bag) Here. (Gives them to Mark) I only have a few.

As the lights flickered on and off, they continued to wonder when Evan was going to get back.

Tony- Anyone know how he’s been gone?

Ariege- I don’t know. Ed was the only one who had a watch.

Mark- Wait! (Looks through Evan’s bags) Here’s his cellphone. There’s no signal, but it shows the time. It’s… um… (Glancing at Ariege, then the cellphone) 1:30 in the morning.

Ariege- Thanks. Pass me a cup of soda. (Mark pours half a cup and gives it to Ariege) Thanks again.

Tony- (Speaking quietly to Mark) So do you like her, too?

Mark- (Embarrassed) Well… yeah. She is beautiful. (Looks at Ariege) I mean she is a beautiful person.

Tony- What do you think Evan will do?

Mark- I think he’ll be okay with it. I think they’ll just stay friends with it.

Tony- Right. (Walks off, passing Ariege saying nothing)

As they interlude with the pondering questions, Evan had his own means of getting the power fully restored.

Evan- (Smells a rotting animal) God! (Holding his nose, about to puke) Smells like a dead rabbit. (Shines flashlight at the floor, noticing more blood) Something weird is happening down here. I’d better find that other fuse box quickly. (Looks behind him, showing nothing)

When Evan turns back around, he notices another figure in the distance, like the one he saw before. He shines the flashlight higher towards the figures face. The figure’s eyes turn white like the light. Evan pulls the revolver and holds it straight. Since he had never fired a handgun, he did not know how the blowback would be. He fired two shots. BANG! BANG! He hid in the room to his right. The room was so dark that he became a ghost. He walked under a table and stayed there, only having the gun is his hands. He kept the flashlight next to him for good luck. Suddenly, the figure breaks the door down and starts to enter the room. What Evan did not know is when the figure’s eyes turned white, the mysterious person could now see in the dark. Evan stayed quiet and hidden until he shined the flashlight in the monster’s eyes. The Monster was blinded and he fell to the floor. When he fell, Evan put two more shots into the monster’s head. The monster stayed down for a minute, but then it stood slightly and its eyes changed from white to black. When it stood, it saw Evan and punched him in the stomach. The punch threw Evan across the room, making him unable to move. The creature moved forward, waiting to finish Evan off, but the creature was still unable to see him. Then, when Evan fell, he flashed light right next to him and picked up a fire extinguisher. He got slowly and slowly walked towards the creature. He aimed the extinguisher at the creature’s eyes and sprayed a small amount at it, blinding it even more. When the creature held his eyes, Evan placed the nozzle in the creature’s mouth and pressed down on the extinguisher’s handle. The pressure of the gas in the can was too much and in an instant, the monster exploded, leaving its lower torso still standing. The feet moved slowly and steadily fell to the floor. As it fell, Evan dropped the fire extinguisher and walked into the halls, limping.

Evan- Jesus! (Gripping the left side of his waist, feeling blood under his shirt.) Oh god. (Falls slightly) Man this hurts. (Grabs revolver off the floor) I’d better get back to the group. (Starts walking to his left)

Act II Scene III- Unpleasant Surprise

As the group is waiting for a reply, they feel an explosion from the inside of the building. They also hear two gun shots from far away. They are shocked and scared as they listen.

Stephanie- (Scared and confused) What is happening? What is that noise?

Roberto- An explosion (Hears two more gun shots) and gun shots.

Danielle- Maybe its Evan. Maybe he’s in trouble.

Mark- We don’t know that yet, but the best thing to do is to barricade these doors and windows until we hear from him. The doors in the back are chained shut, so nothing will be able come in.

They continue to talk amongst themselves until they hear a pounding at one of the windows. The doors were locked so there was no way anyone could get in. They hear a muffled voice on the outside and still don’t know who it is.

Ariege- (Terrified) What is that?

Mark- I don’t know. (Turns on flashlight, is shocked) It’s Evan! I’m going to unlock the door. (Heads to the doors to the right, unchains them, Evan walks through limping)

Ariege- (Running to Evan) Evan! (Wraps arm around him)

Evan- (In pain) Easy! (Pain increases) Easy! Put me down here (Ariege and Mark place Evan on an empty table)

Sean- (Walking by him with a bottle of water) What happened to you?

Evan- (Arches forward) Why don’t you just look at the wounds. Then, you ask me that question again.

Sean shines the flashlight at his hand, showing the wrapped hand. He uncovers it, showing a malicious gash, bleeding badly. Then, he shines the light at his waist showing blood and his other hand holding the wound, as if it is badly bruised. Sean moves his hand and uncovers his shirt, revealing his bare waist. On his waist was a giant cut, starting from the end of his ribs to his far left side. It bleed like a waterfall dying out. In about two minutes of looking at the scar, Sean turned around and looked away. He was very displeased with the way the wound looked.

Mark- (Staring at Sean) How bad is it?

Sean- (Looks up, rubbing his eyes) It’s clotted. He’s lost too much blood. (Pulls Mark closer) We wound to clean the wound and pull out whatever is making him bleed so badly.

Evan- (Overhearing) What’s inside of me?

Sean- (Looking over at Evan) I don’t know, but if we don’t pull it out soon, you’re going to die.

Evan- (Closes his eyes) What are you going to do?

Sean- (Looking down) I am going to hold the wound open for Mark to grab the open item. Then, I think there’s some twine in my bag, but we’ll use it to stitch you up.

Evan- (Opens his eyes slightly) How long do you think it will take?

Mark- As long as it can. Now… (Looking at Roberto) we are going to start as fast as we can. Roberto, I want you and Randall to hold his feet down. Ivan, I want you to hold his arms down. (Looks over at the desk) Grab me that ruler. (Sean walks over to grab the ruler, throwing it to Mark; Mark catches it and grips it) Evan, I am going to put this in your mouth. It will somewhat relieve pain. (Looks at everyone) If anyone is too queasy to see this, then I suggest waiting over there. (Points at the Pods) Well… Let’s started.

Mark placed the ruler in Evan’s mouth as they were ready to begin the surgery. The guys held his arms and feet down hard so that he will not move. When they started, Sean gave a count to three before he held the wound open tight. He heard ‘one… two…’ and when he heard ‘THREE!’ the pain from opening the wound was so intense that Evan yelled and screamed in pain. The scream made a few of the girls jump with fear. A few of them start to cry a bit. As they continue to work, Mark puts both hands into the stretched cut, making his hands very bloody. He found the object and grasped it tightly to pull it out. When he was ready to pull it out, he started a count of five, with Evan still screaming in pain. When he started counting, ‘one…’ Evan started crying because he knew what was coming next. ‘Two… three…’ Mark hesitated, holding in his sorrow for the final moment. ‘Four…’ Evan closed his eyes and grinded his teeth into the ruler, holding his breath. ‘Five…’ Mark pulled with all of his might, pulling out the foreign object and putting it on the table behind him. He panicked.

Mark- (Frantic) CLOSE THE WOUND!!! Sean, CLOSE THE WOUND!! (Sean grasped the wound and closed tightly. Mark grabs the twine) Sean, keep your hands still. I need to do this perfectly. (Evan still screaming from the pain and the ache)

Mark kept stitching in the twine row by row in sets of several marks. He worked efficiently and steadily, with Sean not moving an inch. Through blood, sweat, and tears, they worked greatly to save Evan’s life. After twenty minutes, the screaming stopped.

Mark- (Standing straight) Ivan, Randall, Roberto! Let go! I’m done. Let go! He’s fine. (Guys let go of his limbs.) Let him rest. He’s had enough pain for today.

Evan past out because of all the pain and slept throughout the morning. Everybody watched over him so that he would be okay.

Act III Scene I- Morning Torment

As the time passed through the morning, Evan still slept like he was in peace. He was quiet and everybody was scared he would not pull through. The time was around 8:30 and everyone was anxious for him to pull through.

Matt- (Ushering to the crowd) How’s the wound?

Sean- (Glancing at the wound) It’s clean. There’s no blood coming out. Now… (Walking away) let’s leave him alone. He needs his rest.

The group scatters, with everyone moving about. They all keep wondering about Evan’s condition, fearing that his condition may be getting worse. They all stay in the room until one of them has an idea.

Bianca- Roberto, where are you going?

Roberto- (Looking at Bianca) There’s got to be some styptic in the nurse’s office. I’m going there to look for it. Why?

Bianca- Well… we all want him to pull through, but that is suicide. You might die.

Roberto- That’s a chance I’m willing to take. If I die, I die for him. He’s my friend and I won’t let him down. (Leaves through the unbarred doors)

As he left, everyone still knew one single fact; either one of them or both of them would not make it through. They were best friends and nothing could pull them apart.

Roberto- (Pulling the gun out of his pockets, running to the nurse’s station) Time to find that medicine.

He ran as quick as he could to the station and looked thoroughly and found only one dose of styptic. He kept it next to closely and watched his footing. He knew that if he dropped it, he would risk everything for Evan.

Roberto- Almost there. (Sees the doors not far away) There we are. (Looks inside and sees no one there) Where is everyone? (Pulls out revolver, taking slow steady steps) I better be quick.

As he is getting closer to the door, he notices Dan motioning to him. He is pointing to Roberto’s right, pointing very frantically. Roberto looks over and sees a dark figure ready to charge. It looks like a tall muscular man, with black eyes. Roberto, very terrified at the man, opens the door frantically and locks it shut. Running away, he notices the man walking over to the doors, going after him.

Dan- Roberto! (Looking over at the figure) Run! He’s coming for you!

Roberto stopped, glancing at the figure. He noticed that it is following beyond the doors. Then, under no circumstances, the figure burst through the doors and ran with great speed. Roberto had no choice but to run. As he reached the back of the complex, he noticed the figure deciding his route. He kept on running though. Not knowing what he is doing, Roberto unbarred the doors to the right and ran upstairs to the 2nd floor. He never stopped a beat. The figure kept standing in place in front of the front desk, where Dan was. Dan pondered how he wasn’t moving at all. The figure just stayed in place and looked around. Not knowing where it would go, Dan started to move around under the desk, making small amounts of noise. The figure suddenly looked down at the desk and smashed a part of it. Dan made a small screech and it directed the figure’s attention to Dan. The figure broke a section of the desk, showing where Dan was. The figure immediately jumped over the desk and stabbed Dan in the chest, killing him instantly. The figure continued to move about in the room, oblivious to whoever else is in the room. It continued to move about the room, and running out the way it came, like a signal in its head. Then, out of nowhere, the group came out from under the desk in the far left corner of the area. They all were scared over what had happened.

Evan- (Waking from the masquerade) What happened? (Looking out) Who is that?

Ariege- (Running over to Evan) EVAN! (Hugs Evan) I’m glad you’re okay.

Mark- Dude, I’m glad you’re okay. You had us all worried for a minute there. (Everyone crowds over Evan)

Evan- What happened?

Mark- You past out after Sean and I saved your life. Just be careful about your movements.

Evan- (Arching forward) I’ll try to remember that. (Looks around) Hey… (Counts people around him) Where are Roberto and Dan?

Kendra- (Sobbing) He’s back here.

The entire group heads over to look at Dan. They notice how he was hopeless.

Evan- (Trying to move) Give me a hand, Randall. (Randall puts Evan’s arm around him, helping him to walk) How does he look? (Looking at Dan with his own eyes) Man… he didn’t disserve this. Now where’s Roberto?

Roberto- Oh, him? (Acting suspicious) He just left to save you. (Puts his hand around Evan) Here friend. I got this for you. (Hands styptic and needle to Evan)

Evan- Thanks, but I think you’re going to have to do it. I might miss.

Ariege- I’ll do it. (Grabs needle and sticks it into the styptic bottle, pulling the plunger upward, then pulling the needle out of the bottle, sticking Evan with it, pressing on the plunger)

Evan- Thanks, Ariege. You’re the best.

Ariege- No problem. We all have to stick together through this. We all need to.

Roberto- (Interrupting) Anyone know where Ms. Scolaro is?

Matt- Oh… (Leads Roberto to Ms. Scolaro, sighs) Her legs were so bruised that they caused gangrene and she didn’t have long to live. She died right sometime after midnight. (Starts walking away) We just didn’t know yet.

The room is quiet for a good minute. Everyone is looking around and it is silent. The sound of the breeze filling the air.

Mark- We’ve got to get out of here. We have to get out of this… this heresy!

Evan- Calm down, Mark. We’ll all be okay. Roberto, hand me the gun. (Roberto hands the gun to Evan, Evan cocks it) Now, I know where we can get more weapons. I guess there are more of those things out there.

Ivan- (Surprised) Wait there are more of these things?!

Evan- I guess. I blew one up before I came back, so I guess there’s more than one. (Everyone hears a roaring noise) We have to hurry.

Klenise- So you said you knew where there were more weapons?

Evan- Yeah. There’s another revolver and a shotgun in the security center, I believe. Then, I think there’s a rifle down near the F-Wing. That’s where I blew up the first creature. Now (Starts to walk towards a table) I am in no condition to walk, so any of you guys will have to go get them. (Looks around) Any takers?

The room is silent still. No one comes forward to answer his reply until…

Mark- (Breaking the silence) I’ll do it.

Matt- (Steps in) Me too.

Danielle- Count me in.

Kendra and Klenise- Us too.

Evan- WOW! You all are willing to do this?

Ariege- I guess so. I mean they all want to go home. Even you and me.

Evan- You’re going too?

Ariege- (Sighs) Yes. I want this over soon, and I mean now!

Mark- (Steps in) I really think you should stay here, for your safety.

Ariege- You tell me this, and they are going? (Points to Kendra, Danielle and Klenise) That’s bull@*#! To tell me that. If I can’t go, then they can’t go. Now, if you mind, I am going to arm myself. (Snatches gun away from Evan, cocks it) I’m going whether you like it or not.

Danielle- I’m going to need that knife. (Grabs knife from the table)

The salvage group, Mark, Ivan, Matt, Danielle, Kendra, Klenise, Tony, and Ariege, leave to try and find the weapons in the security center, while Evan, Sean, Randall, Hannah, Yvette, Roberto, Allen, Bianca and Amairani waited in the LRC for their return.

Act III Scene II- Twists and Turns

The team walked steadily throughout the halls, searching for the rooms. It was 3:00 in the afternoon and they all were ready to bust down every door. They were determined to leave that god-forsaken place. They had already searched the Cafeteria and the gym, finding a rifle and an extra revolver. They continued to search the halls, heading right, into the F-Wing. Everyone was on guard.

Tony- (Speaking into the radio) Evan, where is the other shotgun?

Evan (Through radio) - Hold on. I need to look at a map. (Long Pause) Okay… Head down the left corridor, the hall nearest to you. There should be a hallway connecting the two corridors.

Tony- Matt, go check it out.

Matt- (Walking down the corridor) Well… I see the hallway, but it’s blocked by debris. I can probably climb over it.

Tony- Okay, do it then.

Matt- (Heading down the hallway) Man, this place looks like it’s about to cave in. (Walls shake, Looking upward) Oh, god. (Shouting out) It’s too unstable. If I try to get across, I might get crushed or bring more debris down. (Listening) Besides, I think I hear someone on the other side. (Climbing down)

Tony- (Taking a breath, sighing) Evan, we can’t over through the hallway. We’re going to go around.

Evan- No! The front is trapped. Those things are down the front section of the corridor. If you go down there, it will be suicide.

Tony- Matt! (Shouting out) Can you see anything through the hole? (Dead silence) Matt?! MATT!

Mark- I’ll go check it out. (Cocks rifle, walking down the hall.) He’s gone. (Turns to Tony) He’s not here.

Then, out of no curiosity, the wall burst open to Mark’s left, showing the same figure that killed Dan. Mark, very jittery, aimed the rifle at the figure, firing bullet after bullet into the figure, stopping it. He is taking slow steps and firing his rifle to keep distance away from the creature.

Mark- (Still walking and firing) Get out of here. I’ve got this guy.

Ariege- What about you?

Mark- I’ll be fine. Just go! (Turns head) RUN! (Turns head back, firing continues)

The team ran, with the radio still on. Evan could hear everything that was going on. He could not believe what was happening. Back at the LRC…

Evan- (Speaking through radio) Tony? (Static and muffled muzzle noises) Tony?!

Tony (Through radio) - Hide yourselves. It’s coming! It’s Coming!

Evan- Randall, get me off of this table. Everyone! Hide!

Everyone in the LRC hides, hiding under tables and behind desks to survive. The radio is still on, producing senseless amounts of noise. It is producing the team running and screaming, with another creature, it sounds like, chasing after them.

Tony (Through radio) -- Come on! Kendra, come on. You can make it. (Girl screaming) KENDRA!! (Pistol shots) Klenise, take my hand. (Struggling static) Come on, reach for it. Come on! I’m not going to leave you behind.

Klenise (Through radio in the distance) -- Hurry! It’s coming!

Tony (Through radio) -- Come on. I’m not leaving. Evan! Get out of there! It’s coming your way.

Evan- (Holding back tears) Tony! Get up to the 3rd floor. Hide yourselves up there. Good luck. (Static) Tony?! TONY! (Shouting out) All of you meet Tony on the 3rd floor. (Randall tried to help him up) No! No! Go, you won’t be able to get me upstairs. Just go. I’ll just stay here. Give that sidearm. (Randall hands Evan handgun) Go, you don’t have much time.

Randall- Good luck, man. (Pound fists, leaves)

Evan, being a small pistol marksman from before, hid from behind the front desk, waiting for the monster to come by. Then, by his great sense of hearing, jumped up from the desk and aimed directly at the figure he saw. What he didn’t know is it was Mark. He did not fire, but he put his sidearm back down.

Evan- (Ushering to Mark) Mark! Get out of sight! Get over here and hide! (Looks over) The desk! Over there. (Points to his right) HURRY!

Mark ran as fast as he could, heading straight through the hole in the door. He threw the rifle to the desk and jumped over the wall, hiding the desk. He did not make a sound when he came through. Then, out of bubbling horror, the figure walked through the hallway, showing no face or emotion. The figure looked around, while Evan quickly decked down under the desk, while Dan’s body had been. He knew he was either going to be seen or be quiet. He and Mark never made a move or a sound. They sat in place, not moving, so that they won’t attract attention to themselves. Then, the ceiling crackled, giving weigh. The plastered wall fell upon Evan’s head and dust flew all around. He still didn’t make a move. Not a sound was made. The figure looked over and then turned around. It started walking away, stomping each foot in its place, like a book falling to the floor loudly. It left back towards the way it came. They looked out, still not making a noise. Then, Evan coughs and nothing comes back. They both appear out, with Evan starting to come back up slowly.

Mark- (Grabs rifle, speaking softly) Where is everyone?

Evan- (Coughing) I directed everyone to the 3rd floor. It came so fast. I told everyone else to meet them up there. How did you do there?

Mark- (Pulling out duffle bag) I got another rifle and an extra shotgun.

Evan- How can there be this much firepower in one school?

Mark- Someone must have been here before this happened. Police…National Guard… who knows? I-

Evan- All I know is this… (Wiping off his face) Those things want us dead and don’t want any survivors. We have to make sure that they don’t get that chance. (Grabs shotgun) Let’s go. (Both walk and leave through the unchained doors)

Mark- Wait… (Pulls key out of his pocket) For the elevator. (Handing it to Evan) Found it on a guard.

Evan- (Puts hand on Mark) Good man. Let’s go over the other side. (Unchains the other doors, exiting through them.) Well… let’s get there. Shall we? (Both enter the elevator, pushing a button to the 3rd floor.)

As they ride the elevator, the entire clan of friends, continue to run up the stairs, not stopping for one second.

Roberto- (Running up the steps, skipping one to two steps at a time) Come on! Almost there.

Everyone following him thought he was crazy, getting up those steps that fast, but he wanted to get up there. Everyone wanted to be off the first floor.

Tony- Roberto, wait for us. We stick together. (Following behind Roberto a few steps) Keep coming, people. You’re almost there.

Everyone is panting, holding their weapons and running. Some are walking because they are so tired. Finally, they all make it atop the 3rd floor. Tony and Roberto are ready to the bust the doors open, not knowing what was up there.

Tony- (Ushering to Roberto) Ready? (Gripping pistol in his hands, ready to break the door down)

Roberto- (Gripping the door handle) Yeah. (Handling the door and a shotgun in the process) Okay. (Starts counting off) One… Two… (Brief moment) Three! (Door opens, both of them following, guns ready) You see anything?

Tony- (Moving around from left to right) No. (Looking ahead, over the rubble) I can’t see anything. No one is around. (Looks back) It’s clear. Come in.

The entire group comes in slowly. They are frightened and tired. Once they were upstairs, Klenise sits down against a wall and sobs over the loss of her sister.

Klenise- (Still sobbing) I still can’t believe she’s gone. (Wipes her tears on her arms) She and I were close friends. Now… I’m all alone.

Ariege- (Kneeling by her, about to hug her for support) Hey… (Sits next to her) you’re not alone. You have us. Now… (Puts a bat next to her) We’ve come this far. We’re not going to give up on each other. (Looking straight at her) I am not going to give up on you. We need you. (Klenise still crying, Ariege hugs her, ushering words in her ear) Now… I am going to give a few minutes. If you want to stay here, go ahead, but I am not going to leave without you. (Stands up from the floor and walks away, towards the group)

Randall- How do you do that?

Ariege- Do what?

Tony- How do you encourage people like that?

Ariege-Look. (Beginning to be serious) We all want to get out of here. I want to, too. All I know is that we need everyone we can get. If we all don’t pull our heads out of the dark, then we all will lose faith. Now, (Gripping baseball bat) I am going to search ahead. If anyone wants to follow, go right ahead. Just don’t get in my way.

She started walking through the hole in the wall in the next classroom, keeping the bat and a radio by her side. When she reached the other side, she heard one more person behind her.

Tony- (Behind Ariege) You shouldn’t go alone. We need to stick together in pairs.

They start to walk on by a cabinet when they heard ruffling in one of them. They turned to it and heard shaking inside. They stood in watch as Tony was about to open the doors. Ariege held the bat over her head, ready to kill whatever was there. The door opened; out fell a man in a white lab coat. The nametag read ‘Dr. Levitski.’ He got up from where he was and fled back to the end of the room in shock.

Dr. Levitski- Who! Who are you?! Are you one of them?

Ariege- (Looking around) One of whom?

Dr. Levitski- (In fetal position) One of those… (Trembling) those things.

Ariege- No. No, we’re not one of them. We’re not those things.

Tony- Our bus crashed nearby the school. We got trapped in a storm. Who are you and what are you doing here?

Dr. Levitski- (Still trembling) My name is Daniel Levitski. I came here just two weeks ago. I came here with a full set of scientists and soldiers. We were creating a new super weapon.

Randall- (Walking over the hole) Those things down there are it?

Dr. Levitski- Yes. We thought they wouldn’t attack us, but we were wrong. First, they hid in dark places, taking the guards away and killing them. Then, they took us out one by one. They grabbed us into walls, smashing us, using their technological eyesight to find us. When three of us were left, I hid in the elevator until it came to here. (Pointing over to the left) I watched in terror as my colleagues were killed. When it saw me, I sent myself up here, with the door locking behind me. I came onto the floor and came through here, waiting up here with food I found in a desk. (Looking up) I have been here for over two weeks, and I count each day. Waiting for my time to leave. I lived in fear, thinking that at any moment they would come up here.

Randall- Why were you creating a super-weapon anyways? And why in a HIGH SCHOOL?!

Dr. Levitski- Well… it was a government need-to-know basis, and we needed a secluded place to set up the experiment.

Ariege- And you thought a high school would be a secluded place? Those things are down there slaughtering our friends!

Tony- Get up. (Pulls Dr. Levitski up from his place) So were you downstairs on the first floor two days ago?

Dr. Levitski- Um… I don’t what this has to do with anything.

Tony- (Pushes Dr. Levitski into a wall, putting a gun to his head) It has everything to do with this, you little @*#! We have lost many friends in a matter of hours, and you survive up here for two weeks, not getting a scratch on you?!! I think that’s very weird and tricky. (Cocks gun, points it at Levitski’s head) I might as well put a bullet in your head right now.

Ariege- Could we all just calm the @

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