churchly white

July 31, 2008
One by one we stood aligned. One by one we fell with little demise. A miniature inferno you set me up with. A crimson hue beguiles you . I am in utter disgust of you’re state. How could you be so selfish ,how could you live you’re life in such disgrace. In one quick breath I end a tragic awe we had for some time. What an essence of churchly white destroying you’re lie’s. now I lye in pedals of red , but not such of the sorts scattered in you’re bed. Oh no those days are dead. At this moment I am alive, you see me now in godly eye’s . I wear a churchly white, I walk with a heavenly sway , I am one with a higher power and you won’t sway me you’re way. I pity the days I lacked behind, I laugh away the fear I hide inside, because I wear a churchly white with a ring of gold above my eye’s. oh how I no longer cry .

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