The End of the World As We Know It

July 31, 2008
By Shivangi Shah, Norwood, MA

In some way we always knew that the world would end like this. The sparks will be crashing down and the mirror images will long be forgotten. The word alone would no longer be foreign to us. We have seen several outcomes and we always believed this would be the one because it complimented our mistakes. We were the ones who risked it all and lived for the dream. The deadly dream we should have never followed and the dream that has brought us to the end. We can stand up straight and surely say that all we know is falling deeper and deeper into the soil and blackness in the sky will forever stay.

Our motto was to live for the days and dream big for tomorrow. Our lives were meant to be something more, but our confusions and choices led us to believe that a different path was waiting for us. They did say that curiosity killed the cat and at that time for us ignorance was bliss. We left the mapped out futures for something unknown and something to dangerous to speak. We ran away from our love and passions to an unforgivable place. Did we even think about the consequences? We lived the high life and commanded the crowds who never listened. We began to fit in with those just as oblivious as us, which made it even harder to leave. We were intoxicated with the lifestyle and addicted to every chance and opportunity that was passed to us. Yet life to us was nothing but a four letter word.

In this reflection I witness our outstanding naivety when we thought everything would be alright. It was when we were at the lowest of the low and could barely scrape by. It was then when we began to wish to be held, to be kissed, and to be loved. We ached and cried, but we still thought everything would be alright. Our optimism was wrong and deep in our hearts we knew it was all going to end. We begged and pleaded. We wanted to be taken back to conformity. We were put out into the streets at night. There was no place live and no place to dream. We began to lose faith in ourselves and to each other. There was nothing left to believe. It started out as a mask for something else and turned into something that ran our lives. We wanted it to be an illusion. Our bones are wasting space in this place were we don’t belong and this is the end of the world as we know it.

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