The Fairy Portal

July 31, 2008
By Anonymous

One quite ordinary day, four children went to pick blackberries in the woods. They found a portal and jumped in and landed in the Otherworld. They camped out, and here is what happened...

The next morning, all four of the children woke up to the sound of music. But it was not anything like any music they had ever heard before; it was light, airy, like a feather in the morning breeze. It was fairy music.

The four of them set off, following the sound, curious at what it could be. They climbed over an anthill, through a knothole, up a tree and down again, until they saw a sight that was so amazing, they could not believe their eyes: a fairy city!

Part Four: The City
Ethan, who often regained his voice the most fast of the group of anyone in the world, said “I think it would be best if we went to go investigate it.” “O.K.!” said Jet, and she ran off to the city. Jaeda followed, laughing and exclaiming, “Come on Mika and Ethan! It will be fun!” Mika and Ethan looked at each other, shrugged, and tagged along.

Mika said, “I think that maybe I should go first, because I can find ways to befriend the fairies.” Ethan, however said, “The logical thing to do would be to send Jet, because she is the friendliest.” “O.K.!” exclaimed Jet, excited at the fact of meeting fairies, and ran towards the village.

Part Five: Ailill and Fay
Jet came back with two fairies, who introduced themselves with a lilting, airy voice. One, who had light brown, long, silver-highlighted hair and what seemed like a dress made out of flower petals, introduced herself first: “Hello. My name is Fay. Your little sister said you desired help. Ailill and I decided to come. We are twins.” The other fairy, who had short, light brown hair the same color as his twin and a leaf tunic, said, “As my sister has introduced me already, I shall just move on to the main reason we are here. What do you need help with?”

“We would like to befriend the fairies in your city, and find a way back to our world,” said Mika. “Your world?” replied Ailill. “They must be talking about the rumored portal to the Otherworld!” exclaimed Fay. “Let us go, I have heard it is in the forest,” said Ailill. “Wait,” exclaimed Fay, “the head fairy told us to give you these if you were noble and brave of heart,” and, after saying this, she pulled four elegant pairs of wings, and, with a simple spell she fixed them on the backs of the children.
Part Six: Quest and Ending
Over brook and over dale they traveled, searching for the portal. Jet often pointed out shiny things, but to everyone’s dismay, Fay explained sadly they were just shimmerflowers.

For days they traveled, looking for the portal, eating berries and flying over bramble while Fay explained the portal: “The portal lets you go back and forth between the Otherworld and the fairy world. If you find it again, you can switch between them again. Just be careful not to overu” “LOOK!” Fay was cut off by Ethan’s excited shouts, for he had found the portal!
As Ethan, Jaeda, and Jet bade their friends goodbye and promised to come back soon, Mika dug up the tunnel. When it was ready they jumped in, were sucked through the mother-of-pearl tunnel, kept their clothes, but grew and landed on the soft ground behind the bush, picked up their baskets, and flew home.

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