The Monster in the woods

July 31, 2008
In the woods there is a monster. Nobody knew about it except for Timmy.

Timmy was sitting at home watching TV then his mom told him to go outside. Timmy turned of the TV, put his sneakers on and ran outside. While he was outside he saw something moving in the woods. He didn’t know what it was so he went to go check it out.

When Timmy got in the woods, he saw his blue and green scarf stuck on a tree branch. It was spring so why would his scarf be outside? The last time he wore it was in winter. So Timmy went to get his scarf. As he climbed the tree he saw his Yankee’s hat. The last time he wore that was at the game last week.

After finding his hat and scarf he saw a bush move so he got closer to see what was inside of it. The a big brown
monster jumped out of it growling at Timmy. He screamed and started to run. The monster was right behind him. He darted into a dead tree. The monster picked up the tree and through it. Timmy went flying and the monster grabbed him and brought him to his cave. In the cave the monster asked him what his name was. Timmy said “Timmy Mr. Monster
Sir.” Then Timmy jumped of the table and ran for his life. The monster ran after him. Timmy ran all the way to his house. Then he realized that his hat and scarf were gone. He said he would get then tomorrow. Then he heard something breathing behind him it was the monster! The he screamed “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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