My Last Mistake

July 31, 2008
By Rachel Nemeh, Scottsdale, AZ

The fragile egg shells I've walked over from time and time again were crushed and nothing but fragments of shell. The yellow fluid had oozed from it's broken exterior and began to trickle down into the abyss below. My transparent body is stranded on the edge with two choices: to remain loyal to the life I've been leading, and continue to walk across egg shells for the remainder of my existance; or risk it all and take a plunge into the sea of nothing below. The more I ponder off into the black void beneath me, I fall short of breath. Without looking back, and no hesitation, I lean closer into the abyss and begin to freefall. The wind brushing through my hair, and whipping my flesh had stunned me from any thought. My hair was all over the place but mostly in my face. For fear that if I stretched my arms out I'd hit a wall I continued to remain still. After quite some time, I began to wonder if I had I made the right choice. Only time will tell I suppose. Then I ran a quick estimate on how long it would take until I hit rock bottom, assuming there was one. After the first day or so, I lost track of time. Minutes, hours, days,weeks flew by, as gravity lured me towards the core of this seemingly endless pit. Had I been selfish for wanting so much as happiness? I had succeeded in maintaining it, and developed it to such a unbreakable point. Yet, somehow, it failed to endure the stresses of the last couple hours of my life. Was I dead now? Was this it? I bit my lip and my heart felt heavy. I had given up while everyone else got to cherish and love their life. Jealousy had never felt so bitter in my mind. My tongue was overwhelmed with this taste of hatred, I felt like screaming. I wanted for so much as another chance to breathe Earth's air. If given that opportunity, I'd swear to never take living for granted again. At that distinct moment in time, I swear I felt a tug at my heart. It might have been my imagination though, but it seemed as though I were falling a little slower. In the next second, I hit the ground. All nerve-ending's feelings were restored. I let out a gasp and sat straight up. I looked up at the bright bathroom light, it mocked me with how it lived to it's full capacity. I felt dizzy as I tried to stand not realizing the floor was covered in a sticky, liquid substance, and crashed right back down. As I regained focus, I looked below and my stomach knotted. My wrist looked like a disaster, as if mangled by a vicious pitbull. I had not shown it any mercy. And the liquid substance where my body resided, was nothing else but my blood. I had been given my second shot at life. And I wasn't going to waste it.

The author's comments:
Often, life is taken for granted. Tonight, too many people will cry themselves to sleep. Tonight, people will take action with a permanent solution to end their miseries. Don't let this be you. Love Always, Rachel.

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