Mission one:getting home...

August 1, 2008
Sara walked the streets of the strange city, lost and terrified. "damn it... I let those stupid demons chase me in here and now im lost in some city ive never even heard of!" she growled at herself, but stopped short when she heard a noise behind her. Run! her inner voice told her. Run sara dont just stand there like an idiot! And she ran. She didnt look back, cause she felt the evil presence behind her. She was going deeper into the city, getting more lost, but her only concern was getting away from the evil. Then she realized... it wasnt getting any further away. She ran faster. its following me... i gotta ditch it! she thought, her heart racing. But after awhile she realized, yet again, it was getting no further, she was getting even more lost, and she was running out of energy. If it was following for a fight she had better stop now so she might have a chance. So she turneed to face her attacker, drawing her sword to.... nothing. There was nothing there. The presence stood right in front of her, but all that was there was thin air. "what the...?" suddenly a voive sounded behind her."SARA NO! KEEP RUNNING!!" But before she could turn to see who the familiar voice belonged to, or even follow their advice, the breath was knocked out of her, and she spiraled out of consiousness and into a deep dark hole. No.... she thought. Not again... The darkness... will it ever leave me alone?!

"damn it someone turn out that godforsaken light..." sarania mumbled,groaning and rolling over. "sorry ma'am. ill have it taken care of." "thanks.... wait huh?!" Sarania sat up to realize she was no longer on the streets of the city, but in a room that looked like some kind of mix between a hotel and a hospital. She turned towards the girl who had spoken. "where am i and who the hell are you?!" the girl giggled softly, "dont worry sara your safe now. He cant get you here." "what are you talking about? Who cant get me where? and you still haven't told me who you are!" "oh my apologies. I cannot reveal to you my name, but you may call me seventh. I will be your main caretaker." "I dont need a caretaker. I need to go home!" Sarania froze in her attempt to free herself from the mess of blankets. "wait... how did you know my name?" seventh giggled again. "sorry thats classified." she answered happily. "and where did you say this was?" "I didnt, because that information is also classified." "why am i here?" "so we can protect you from him." "who is him?" "that is also classified." "what the hell isn't classified then?!" Sarania growled, and finished her job of untangling herself. But as she tried to get out of the bed, metal bars sprung up around her. "im sorry, sara, but we cannot allow you to leave." "and do you think simple metal will stop me?!" Sarania gathered up her energy and prepared to blast an opening. But when she fired, it bounced off the bars and came back at her. She didnt have time or space to move, so it hit her square in the chest. "oh!" she managed as she slammed against the opposite side of her cage. "as a matter of fact, i do."Seventh said, giggling. "I think ill go make you some nice hot tea and i can get to know you. We'll be spending a lot of time together after all." "then why cant i get to know you?" Sarania replied, growling partways from anger, part ways from pain, and part ways from loss of pride at having her strongest attack thrown back at her. Literally. "because that information is-" Sarania cut off her reply. "classified. yeah i figured." "there there. You'll be on your way home soon!" "how soon is soon?" "oh only a few thousand years. now you just sit tight while i make that tea." Sarania laughed harshly to herself. "do i have any choice?" she mumbled, and curled into a small ball in the middle of her cage.

Sara woke again to Seventh's singsong voice. "Sara! Rise and shine it's morning time!" Sara growled at Seventh's giggle. "Look you over grown crumb-snatcher,"she replied to the cheery greeting."If im gonna be stuck here for a thousand years with nothing to do at least let me sleep late!" Seventh giggled again and Sara covered her ears in frustration. "You silly you wont have nothing to do! Today starts your training!" "Training?" "Yup! If you pass the training before a thousand years you can go home! Although no one has ever done that!" Sara laughed harshly. "If i can withstand my brother's training i can do anything you throw at me with both hands tied behind my back!" The cage around Sara lifted as Seventh snapped her fingers. "Thats good! Then you'll have no problem and will be released back into the arms of your loved ones!" "Wait... my loved ones.... Do they know about this?" Seventh giggled again and it took all of Sara's willpower not to knock her out. "Of course they do silly!" "No way! My husband is VERY protective of me if he knew you people were keeping me locked up in here he would tear you apart and smash this entire building!" "Now now sara i said they knew, i never said what they knew." Sara's eyes flashed red. "you-you lied to them!" "Thats right. But its for your own good Sara! We care about you! Now come on. The training Master is waiting for you!"

The wires drifted around Sara ominosly. She was in a deep pool, surrounded by black wires. She had no idea what they did, but she had been told to swim around them. And Seventh had been very clear about the part of not letting them touch her. "I have to pass this, and fast! Who knows what they told Raine..." She dove under the water to get around the first wire, and swam a wide circle to avoid the next two. She saw a path between two wires up ahead that led straight to the buzzer Seventh had pointed out. She smiled and swam between them. It was a narrow path,but she just barely fit. She reached out her hand to touch the buzzer, and her leg brushed one of the wires. She screamed as thousands of volts of electricity raced through her body. Seventh's giggle resounded over the poolyard.......

Sara was dazed as she stared over the course for her next training session. Then she smiled. "Fire? Thats the element I'm training with today?" "yup!" Seventh giggled again. "Get ready!" Sara took her starting position with a grin. Fire is my best element, she thought. Ill breeze through this no problem.

Sara bit back a scream as she pressed against a burning hot metal pole as she landed on the next piece of pathway. The last jump had been a long shot, but it was better to jump then get caught in a lake of fire... For Raine, she thought who was her husband. For kyoshi, she thought, who was her brother. For Noah and Isabelle, she thought, who were her children. I have to finsh this training!!

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