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You are my Sunshine

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You Are My Sunshine
It was so natural- like breathing. You were natural - you were my sunshine. I didn’t even have to think- being with you was just one of those things you just did, without question. We didn’t need talk to fill the silence. Being together came easy, and we could spend hours just laying there- not as one, or two, but as nothingness- as air- like there was no we- there was no us, it was just hard to explain because of its simplicity. Then to have something like that stolen from you- not from someone in particular, but just stolen- it was like I was being suffocated or drowned in complexity. As if you were stolen- something that was there, but after a flash of lightning, you were gone. It was absurdly confusing. I needed you- or I would wilt and die. A plant without its sun doesn’t last long. Sure, it could survive for a while just with water- but I needed my sun. How long I would search- I did not know. What I was looking for- I didn’t know either, but when I found it, I would know. Like a sense. Plants take energy from the sun, not the moon. If you weren’t my sun, I would know. Where is my sunshine? I the clouds took it away. But If I could just figure out how to get rid of the clouds, I could survive. These clouds were hurting me, but them being there snapped me to reality. But still, I needed my sun. It may take days, it may take months, but I would get rid of the clouds. I would survive, and I would live.

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