Semita De vida

July 29, 2008
I remeber he used to sell watermelons from the back of his old rusty blue truck.I remeber I always asked questions, that had many answers,but he always seemed to explain it in ways I could understand in my small 5 year old mind. One day I asked him, "Abuelito, Why do you have such a big belly?" He began to laugh but realized I was serious and answered back " Well one day I ate an entire watermelon whole."I was imazed with his answer,because being so small I believed every word he spoke.Because he had never lied to me.
I remember asking him when I was six "Why did god make us?"He looked back at his watermelons in the truck bed and said "Well,were like watermelon seeds, and god is like a gardener who plants watermelons.He puts us down into the world and watchs us grow slowly.Somedays it rains on us,like the days we are upset or confused.Somedays the sun shines in our eyes,like the days when nothing seems to go wrong.During our lifes we have good times and bad times,because its part of living.Then when the watermelon can grow no more god comes and picks up his harvest and takes us far away.But we always leave seeds behind.Do you understand?"
I sat there on the back of the truck staring at the dozens of watermelons looking puzzled.Then it hit me, I understood completely. I looked back at my grandpa and asked "Then Im your little watermelon seed, Right?" You looked back with a smile and said "Exactly."

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