Ben and Jerry

December 13, 2007
Walking into her Manhattan Millennium Tower penthouse she closed the door behind her and leans on it for a few minutes, “God it’s so good to be home…” She murmurs. Monday through Friday she worked from six to ten with clients as a divorce lawyer. The bickering, the prenups, the “that’s mine” arguments and then the custody of the children made her thankful she was single. Well as single as she could be for her two favorite men were waiting for their midnight snack. Her phone started ringing and with a deep sigh of annoyance she opens her eyes stomping her foot. Flinging her phone open as the fantasy of her on the beach in a yellow polka dot bikini sipping a margarita disappeared, she shouted, “What!”

Yelling at her partner she threw her brief case on the leather couch nearby, “Didn’t I tell you to never reach me at home! We’ll handle this tomorrow, but right now I’m on “me time” so this little problem is something you’re going to have to fix on your own Bob.”

Bob was another constant reminder that people whom work with each other should never be more than just that, “No I’m not going to discuss this with you in your office alone, why don’t you ask your secretary? I’ve heard she’s pretty nice at giving freebies in exchange for promotions…” She knew she was being a bitch tonight, but that was just who she was. All obsessed career women are.

She took the other heel off rolling her eyes occasionally as he expressed continued interest in her, “What am I doing tonight?”

A devilish smile grew on her face remembering the pleasures she had just the other night while teasing herself by leaning off to the side peeking into the kitchen, “Let’s just say I’ve got a date, actually I have multiple dates.”

The smile turned into a smirk as he grew jealous on the phone, “Good night Bob.” She turned off the phone and made her way upstairs.

Letting hot water fill the bath tub she slipped out of her Anne Klein two piece skirt suit and put her favorite Victoria Secret striped blue and white Cloudspun robe on, and then tiresomely walked into to the bathroom.

“Yes…” She dipped her fingers into the sizzling water which almost filled the tub. She turned the faucet off letting the water cool for a few minutes while she lit a few candles. Then grabbing hold of her ipod she played the only song that ever relaxed her, Only Time by Enya.

She closed her eyes as the music created a yoga like feel throughout her thin, but tall figure. The soothing song felt almost as good as the boiling water touching her sensitive skin, another pleasure she didn’t have to get from a man. As she let herself sink in and out of the tub she felt like a kid again. It was years ago, many years ago when she would take baths with bubbles and play with rubber ducks, oh how she longed to be that child again with no worries to bring her down.

Playtime is over, she told herself while glaring at the clock, another satisfaction that she had to leave. She knew she worked too much, but this year the firm had been the busiest it had ever been handling the divorces of some of the most famous people in the country. Making more money than they ever made before, success came at a price. She regretfully climbed out of the bath tub, tied her robe around her and made her way into the bedroom. She pulled the sheets back, turned the TV on to channel TBS and then changed into her silky red pajamas.

“Coming up next is Sex and the City…” The TV spoke to her.

She quickly ran down the stairs knowing she only had a few minutes left before the show started. Although she had the entire season on DVD she was far too exhausted to look through her library of congress movie collection.

“I know I’m coming…” She told them as she walked in the kitchen knowing they had been patiently waiting for her.

She loved these two, they were greatest men she knew, kind, sweet, delicious, they would never lie to her, never tell her she was fat or ugly or use other vulgar words in the dictionary. No they had hearts of gold especially during a break up; they had the perfect solution to mend a broken heart. And of course when she needed to relax, to recuperate they were good for that too.

Opening the freezer she smiled once more, “Hey Ben…you ready for a night you’ll never forget?”

She laughed at herself, “Oh Jerry you can come too, it’ll be a threesome…”

She set the ice cream on the counter while grabbing a spoon and then ever so slowly removed the top. Diving the spoon directly into the brown coffee flavored ice cream as if the spoon was an Olympic swimmer, she brought the scoop to her lips and then slowly shoved it into her mouth.

Instant gratification she thought as her body squirmed from the overwhelming joy she received. The sensation was so tremendous she glowed, “Yup definitely better than sex.”

Grabbing the container she danced her way to cloud nine up to her bedroom chatting away with her two imaginary boyfriends Ben and Jerry.

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