Senret Martinez

February 28, 2008
By Jordyn Huffman, Mattawan, MI

Senret Martinez entered the welcome to California sign. Left the airplane seat as she waited to exit the plane. When she excited the plane she came to see what a beautiful place it is but still way different than Australia it's way hotter in Australia than it is in what is it called again cal cal California right.”Yes Senret but lets focus on finding a hotel”. That night Senret and her mom lie in this musty old bed at the cheapest hotel they could find. Senret woke up and looked at the alarm clock it read 5:55 a.m. “Senret is that you” “yeah” “well go back to bed” “okay”, Senret replied. Senret looked around for a couple of minutes wondering what she was going to do tomorrow, her first day of Maple Wood Middle School. Senret slowly dosed off when a disturbing noise woke Senret up. The alarm clock Senret turned and looked 6:00a.m. “Mom do I have to go to school”. “Yes”, mom replied “fine”.

Senret slowly got out of bed through on a red Christmas sweater that she got for Christmas about two years ago and an old pear of jeans ripped on the side where you could see a little piece of her skin. Senret was tan with long brunette hair and hazel green eyes, long tan legs. Senret looked as if she was of those tall smart athletes. Senret was new to the state of California never have been there before but knew a lot about it. “Senret are you ready” “just a moment” “your going to be late” “coming”. Senret through her hair up in a ponytail as fast as a kangaroo jumping to safety . “go go go” “ Aren't you dropping me off” “No you half to walk” “ Walk I don't know where to go” “ right I'll drop you off but you have to walk back.” “ okay”

Senrets mom and her pulled up to the school. “ By” “by” heres the keys to the hotel room. It was the first day of school and Senret had already made a knew enemy. Gretchet Lane the I'm-better-than-you girl. (It all started when someone called Senrets name so Senret turned to look and ran into Gretchet. Gretchet was a pretty girl, long blonde hair with big blue eyes. But Gretchet had a really bad attitude and she always had that I'm-better-than-you look. “ Watch out” replied Gretchet “Sorry” said Senret “you better be” replied Gretchet “ Why are you looking at me like that” “ because I want to” “ whatever loser hey guys” replied Gretchet That new girl just gave me the I'm-a-math-geek-so-that-makes-me-better-than-you look.) That day day after school Senret sat outside thinking about what happened. I hate her I hate her shes so mean I hate her so much I could punch her. Man do I hate her Senret thought to herself.

Hate who know one mom. She gave me the I-heard-you look or the I'm-not-stupid look. Okay your right mom, I can't go to school tomorrow theres a mean girl, I can't go, I can't please don't make me I can't. Your going to school fine whatever “ can I just take a walk” “yeah be careful”. Senret left without* replying*. Senret walked down the street *listening*, *watching*,where she noticed a sign Welcome to Oregon and on the other side said Welcome to California.

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