The Blacksmith

February 26, 2008
By Steve Rogers, Kalamazoo, MI

Tink, Ting, went the Blacksmith as he pounded his hammer on the anvil. He was the most renown blacksmith because of his kindness (stating directly what the character is like).

“ Hello,” called a customer, “ I'm ready to pick up my sword.”

The blacksmith came to his desk and stated, “Name,” all the while he kept his head down, a habit if you say. He looked up and saw black hair, little tuffs like an old man, but he wasn't old at all, the man looked to be in his twenty's. Under the tuffs of hair were red eyes(Describing what the character looks like). The blacksmith shuddered when he asked “N name please?”(showing how others react to the character).

“Roland,” stated Roland.

“O.K,” the blacksmith said, “ just finished making it.”

He retrieved the sword and the man gave him money and the Blacksmith gave him the sword. Roland then left the blacksmith's shop.

Later that day he had a suspicious looking man poking around his store picking things up and he just left(showing character in action).While that was going on the blacksmith was thinking Why am I a blacksmith?Well, I love making swords(reveling the characters thoughts). He chuckled so hard he almost broke the sword he was making. The blacksmith never really payed attention to detail. His shop was brown with pictures on them since he was a big fan of art(Describing environment of character).

Later on in the day there was a man with feet as big as Russia(simile).He noted “I feel like soap.”(Simile).

“Well,” told the blacksmith, “I am not a doctor.”

“Oh, I'm sorry,” stated the man and he ran off to find a real doctor.

Later there was a wind groaning on the roof of his shop(personification).The blacksmith looked at the ground while making a sword. He swore he saw the ground wink at him(personification). So for the rest of his life until he died, he made swords and was friendly to all strangers.

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