The Sleepover

February 26, 2008
By Faith Anspaugh, Mattawan, MI

Ding, dong Grace and Atalanta were finally here. Grace and Atalanta were over and we were wrestling on the air mattress. Grace elbowed her elbow into my head and she was freaking out. She said, “Oh my gosh, my elbow it's red and feels all tingly.” Atalanta and I were cracking up it was so funny!

She was like, “I've never felt this feeling before.” She was practically crying.

Grace said “What should I do?”

We said, “Nothing Grace you're fine.” Grace finally calmed down. After she calmed down we all started laughing.

Grace said, “It just felt so weird.”

“Grace, you should have seen your face it was hilarious.,”

“Yea, thanks guys.”

We said, “You are welcome, Grace.”

We went downstairs to get some pizza. Atalanta and I were pushing each other and I pushed her so hard we both fell down. We then sat at the table and ate our pizza. Grace spilled pop all over my pizza, it was gross! When we were done we went back in my room and said,”That was a good laugh.”

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