The Robber Does Not Go Away

February 26, 2008
By Mithchell Anderson, Mattawan, MI

It all started on a Monday night when I was in my bedroom . I was eating some chips when I heard some noise in my family room. So I thought it was my dog then I heard another noise so then I knew it was not my dog .So I walked over to my family room and saw a big mess .Then I became scared because my dog was outside so the I heard another noise down in the basement, so then I held my breath.

I walked down the stairs to the basement .When I was on the last steps I saw the robber, he was huge and was wearing black clothes . So the I knew he was a robber . So I ran upstairs like a speeding bullet to where my phone was to call the police, when I picked up the phone line was dead .

He cut the wire to the phone. Then I heard his footsteps coming from the stairs again . So I ran back to see if my cell phone was there but it was not . I ran to my room then slammed the door so hard that I thought the door would walk away . So I was mad at this guy that came into my house , so then I walked out of my room and saw the robber and I told him I am the law maker in this house I do not think we see eye to eye. So let`s lay down the law ? So I ran downstairs and beat up the robber . I took back all the money and stuff . Then I went over to my neighbor house and called the police . That day was a good Monday night for me.

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