February 26, 2008
It was a freezing cold snowy December morning with only five days till Christmas. Elves were getting up early to make all the toys, they were making toy cars, electronics,shoes,and clothes. Santa woke at 9:00 am, the elves have been up since 5:00 am. The head elf Sal went to the kitchen to tell Mrs.Clause that Santa was up and to start to make his coffee, she was also making eggs and bacon with a side of toast for breakfast. Santa came down and ate, then went to ask Sal how everything was going.
“Every thing is going good”said Sal.

One of the elves that worked in the reindeer barn told Sal that a reindeer was sick. The reindeer had a fever. The Doctor came to the barn, he said that the reindeer wouldn't be ready in time for Christmas. The only way would be if we had a special medicine from France. It will take about two days at a minimum.

“Call the place in France and find a two man crew to fly there,” said Santa

“I got someone Santa who's,going Jay and me,” said Sal.

“Who's going to watch the shop?” said Santa.

“Casey is going to, is that okay?” Sal asked.

“That will be fine,” said Santa.

“We will be heading out at 11:00 am” said Sal. We jumped quickly into the shiny candy apple red slay with dark gold pin stripes, shiny gold bells and a dark red seat with light gold piping. It does not need reindeer but it takes a whole year to charge. We flew, we were going about 100 mph.

Four days later Sal and Jay arrived,they went to the doctor and gave him the medicine. The doctor said that the reindeer would be alright. That was close,Santa thought. Santa went to the kitchen
to eat dinner it was a big juicy t-bone steak dripping with cups fat a side of huge buttery crisp green beans with mashed potatoes that looked like white fluffy clouds. Santa sat down checked his nice and naughty list, then went up stairs.

He put on his red velvet suitwith white rabbit hair on the pant leg and sleeves. I hope this still fit's,Santa thought to himself. Then he put on his boots and hat. He headed out the door, and jumped in to the sleigh.

Casey went to the end of the snow runway. He looked back and saw eight reindeer and a big red sleigh charging at him. Snow was shooting up into the air,the reindeer were coming closer and faster. Right before the lead reindeer hit Casey it jumped into the sky the rest followed. Everybody looked up and saw the sleigh gliding through the crisp cold air everything was going good. Everybody started to cheer.

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