Super Gorilla

February 26, 2008
By Ryan Gower, Mattawan, MI

The bank robber drove away from the scene and merged onto the highway he looked away from the road for a split second and suddenly... BAM! The car was at a stop and when the driver looked up he saw a 6 foot gorilla with black hair all over his body and two big brown eyes staring at him. He had hands the size of basketballs. The bank robber was in shock when he saw super gorilla at the scene. He started running but no one was fast enough to out run super gorilla. The robber hit the ground as super gorilla hit him. The bank robber was knocked out for a while and when he woke up he was in the back of a cop car. Super gorilla saved the day and the bank for all the money.

Super gorilla pounded on his chest like King Kong and ran back to the jungle/forest that was about 10 miles away from the city. He grabbed 15 bananas and laid back against a tree. He heard screams from the city and sighed cause he knew it was his job to protect the people . He ran down to the city and saw that there was a giant dog. So he knew it was time to whoop some butt. He yelled, “ Raaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr!” and pounded his chest. Everyone knew that super gorilla wouldn't hurt them but they always were scared and screamed. He thought to himself, this dog was big as a ferris wheel. He ran up and nailed it in the paw. It looked down and tried to step on him but super gorilla barely ran out of the way. That dog is as quick as a a jet, he thought. Super gorilla ran for cover but suddenly felt a hit in the back. He was as hurt as a legless lion. Amazingly he found enough strength to stand back up. He tried to hit it in the leg one more time and it fell like the World Trade Center. He found out that it was a robot! The police and super gorilla investigated who made the robot but no one ever found out. Whoever did it was as sneaky as Bugs Bunny.

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