The Town

February 26, 2008
The whole town was in an uproar. I guess I should tell the whole story first. One day I was so mad that I could run away, so mad that I could punch someone. So I ran away. I sprinted for what seemed like forever. Then I found an interesting town where everyone was weird. They kept giving me the I – hate – you – look.

So at night I went looking for shelter when I saw a box as dirty as the sewers. As I thought for a second about whether that should be my shelter for the night, I
fell asleep. I heard something, my heart stopped I was sweating, it is nothing I thought to myself. Then I saw something so amazing! It was a giant robot walking around. I felt puzzled. The next day I didn't see any sign of the robot. I went to look for something to eat. Then all the sudden I heard the wind pick up, I saw a giant robot, and ran away. But I couldn't run away I stood there watching it attack, hearing the loud footsteps, feeling nothing, tasting nothing, and I could smell the smoke coming from the fire.

The town was in an uproar. It was chaos the robots fiercely attacked. Then I saw they were attacking other giant robots. Then the good robots destroyed the bad robots. Once again the town became normal again, and I didn't have to run away.

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