The Visit

February 23, 2008
By Rebecca Wyzan, Dulles, VA

In a cemetery haunted by the ghosts of its inhabitants, a little girl plays. She seems to be enjoying the peace and quiet of her surroundings.

The wind rustles through the trees, stopping on its way to the tombstones to brush the girl’s hair. A faint sound from the forest nearby startles several chipmunks, causing them to scatter. However, the girl still plays.

Day turns into night and light turns to dark. The moon is a faint orb in the distance. Owls screech into the night, but still the girl plays.

Rain begins to descend from the sky, with droplets as thick as mud. The girl never looks up as the drops hit her. She continues her game.

Finally, after many hours, the girl stops playing to watch a woman approach. The woman’s hair is long and blonde, like that of the girl’s, and she looks weary and devastated. The woman doesn’t look at the girl, but instead at a tombstone to the right of her.

The child seeks the woman’s gaze, but she doesn’t see her. She is crying and rubbing the name inscribed on the tombstone. The girl sighs, with a sound as heavy as a drum. She has at last realized the purpose of her visit to the cemetery. Looking once more at her mother bent over her tombstone, she disappears into the unknown, where she will never be seen again.

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