Smoothie Anyone?

February 22, 2008
By Holly Berdan, Andover, KS

“I’ll take a strawberry- banana smoothie please!” These two delicious fruits, so commonly put together, mix really well and appear similar in some ways but they also differ in more ways than one. What really makes a fruit special, and what makes people like them? Appearance, texture and taste all represent aspects of strawberries and bananas that make them so different but alike all the same.

First of all one of the first items people notice is appearance. Since people eat with their eyes, appearance tops the charts of importance. For example, if something doesn’t look good, most people will not eat it. Strawberries and bananas both appeal to the eye because of their stunning, vibrant colors. Likewise their shapes are both unique and attractive. Yet they are both so different! Bananas are a pungent yellow with a cover that peels back to reveal the fruit, while strawberries are red with little green bumps covering it. Also the strawberries green leaves sticking out of them resemble ears of a cotton tail bunny, while bananas stems stand as still as a flamingo. To review, appearance makes some people fall in love with it just by its looks, but people also take texture in to consideration.

Secondly, the sense someone would use their hands for, texture. To explain, texture could make or break someone’s decisive decision to like or dislike a fruit. To the touch strawberries and bananas seem totally opposite. In comparison though, they both feel soft and mushy. On the other hand, a bananas ambiance resembles a smooth, cold skin that covers the fruit, like a jacket, while strawberries are prickly with little bumps. Texture is not just felt with the hands though; texture is also felt with the mouth. Taking a bite out of a strawberry seems like sinking your teeth into soft ice cream on a hot summer day. Strawberries are extremely juicy and soft, while bananas give off a more thick and chalky, like plaster. To sum up, texture is something that really counts when it comes to liking fruits but, taste may be the most important.

Finally, something that the person who is consuming the fruit must decide, taste. Taste is very opinionated because everyone tastes things differently. Taste depends on sound and smell, not just on your mouth, and really makes a fruit unique. When someone tastes something it should send their taste buds rocketing to the sky. In comparison strawberries and bananas both are sweet and delicious. Contrasting this though, strawberries take on a more sour and tangy taste, while bananas control the flavoring better. Also considered when talking about taste involves the nose. Strawberries smell more out there while bananas have more of a tropical smell. For instance, when someone tastes a strawberry, the first thing him or her would do is pucker their lips because of the sourness, but after a while the taste really sets in and melts to something sweet as sweet as cake! When someone takes a bite of a banana, people think of the beach and the tropics because of the sweet chalky taste. Decided by the taster, because and everyone has his or her own opinion, falls the trait taste.

In conclusion, many aspects make up a fruit. Appearance pops to the eye first and attracts a person to a food, because people eat with their eyes. Texture will remain something that all people notice, weather with their hands or mouth. Last but not least and probably the most important is taste. Everyone tastes foods differently and with their own opinion. Strawberries relate but also differ in many ways. These totally different fruits in appearance, texture and taste seem like they have nada in common but they do share one similar thing… They whip up one great smoothie! So, sometimes things can seem totally opposite but in the end they blend really, really well.

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