7th Period

February 21, 2008
By Madina Ghafar, Discovery Bay, CA

Connor, Sierra, and I had just walked into 7th period Language Arts but instead of seeing Mrs. Hund great us in; it was a substitute his name was Mr.Purkey if I remember correctly. He was like no ordinary sub. He murmured; “Well hello, take your writing assignment out and start working on it IMMEDIATELY!”
We quickly looked at him and went straight in to the classroom. Connor of course had to be a smart alike and blurted out, “Got it dude”. Sierra and I just shrugged our heads and went back to work.
The class was dead silent before the bell rang of course until someone farted. The whole class burst out laughing sometimes I wondered if I was still in 3rd grade. Connor yelled out, “What did you eat for lunch beans?”

I hollered back at him with anger, “Leave him alone you are acting like you have never farted.”

Sierra murmured, “Be quite guys Mr. Purkey is staring at you guys and not a good stare if you know what I mean.”

Connor and I turned our chairs and resumed to our work while Mr. Purkey approached slowly and said, “I will see the three of you after class!”

We all replied with no attitude, “Ok but are we going to be in trouble?”

He replied, “You will see won’t you?”

We all went back to our work finally Connor slowly whispered, “What a grouch Ay?”
Sierra and I made sure not to say a word but just shock our heads yes. The class bell had finally rang we all walked up to the front of the room to see what Mr. Purkey had in store for us. He slowly pulled something sharp from the desk drawer. Luckily it was just a compass we all sighed in relief. He had slowly risen and went to the door and locked it. Connor, Sierra and I looked at each other in fright. Connor blurted out, “What the heck are you doing?”

Sierra said frustrated, “Be quiet Connor! You’re the one who got us into this mess you are just making it worse by talking.”
I said a little unsureingly “it okay he can’t do anything to us and get away with it right?”
Connor said hesistately, “I hope so Dina otherwise we are done for it.”
At that point we were all about to burst out crying. After a good fifteen minutes of silence Mr. Purkey had a wicked smile on his face appearing. The door knob started moving from the outside and suddenly the door opened… It was Mrs. Hund we all sighed with relief.

We had soon found out that Mrs. Hund had the whole thing planned out to teach us a lesson. Also Mr. Purkey ended up being her niece. We all laughed it off. Connor said to Sierra and I, “I told you guys we had nothing to worry about.” Sierra and I just looked at each other and burst out laughing.

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