It's All Gone

February 21, 2008
By Taylor Morgan, Discovery Bay, CA

The mansion was burned down into flames.

“The baby sitter got out alive,” said the firefighter holding on to one thing that did not parish in the fire. This was a book that was all black with no title. The wife crunched on to the book sobbing and angry at the same time.

“Where are my kids?” mumbled the terrified mother.

There was a long pause from the firefighter.

“Where are my kids?” asked the mother again but louder. The firefighter told the mother calmly about what had happened.

“My kids are not dead you are lying!” the mother said. Even though she knew what had happened but was denying it to herself , two moments later she busted out into tears. “Madam we will get down to the bottom of this,” said detective Richard chewing on a piece of gum that seemed to big for his mouth.

The mom was waiting for her husband to get to the coffee shop from work to tell him what had happened. As the wife was trying to think of a way to break it to her husband she tried to keep back the tears still holding on to the black book. The mother spotted her husband from the nearby window and she got more nervous each step he got closer to the big black door.

“Hey babe I got your message what’s wrong?” questioned the husband. The mom stood there motionless almost not able to stand she was more nervous and angry than ever.

“Dan something happened to Mikayla and Madelyn,” the wife sobbed.
“Are you talking about an allergy attack or a scrap or what?” asked the husband a little less cheerful.
“Well see there was a fire,” the words could barley come out of the mothers mouth.
“A fire?” asked the husband a little more cautious.
“Yes,” said the mother softly.
“How come I am the last to know about this?” the husband asked a little angry.

“Well our therapist suggested,” the mom was interrupted.
“What therapist, you already called a therapist without telling me?” said the husband frustrated.
“Well…the fire fighter suggested that we get one, and I thought that you would want to back me up on this,” said the wife.

The husband and wife stopped arguing at that point and just hugged each other in the coffee house crying.

“We will get through this together,” said the husband.
“Thank you.” said the mom clutching on to her husband and the black book.
“How did this happen its like a couple hours we were gone and I come back to no children and no house, no little 5 and 3 year olds could have started a fire,” said the husband.

“Well detective Richard said that he would call if they find anything when they search the house,” the wife said.

On the ride to the hotel the wife was staring at the black book she wouldn’t, open our even flip through it for that matter.
“I can’t stop,” said the wife
“Can’t stop what?” asked the husband
“Can’t stop thinking about Mikayla and Madelyn,” said the wife.
“Its okay just remember they are safe where they are now,” said the husband trying to force a smile upon his face.

When the couple got to the hotel they tried to fall asleep but the thought in their heads kept them up all night. At about eight o’ clock the wife finally dozed off but soon got a phone call.

“Hello?” said the wife.

“Hello,“ said detective Richard

“I believe that I have found something that may or may not be useful but I would fully appreciate if you came down to check it out,” said detective Richard.

“We will be right there,” said the wife. Once the couple got to the house detective Richard was standing outside with two things behind his back.

“Hello,” said detective Richard

“I have something for the two of you behind my back”. Detective Richard pulled out a ribbon that seemed to look like a piece of yarn for hoe burnt it was. The mom placed her hands on her face and cried then, she placed them out again but outward for the detective to place the ribbon into her hands.

“ I used to put this on the ends of Mikayla’s pig tails every morning,” said the wife sobbing.

“Well I hate to be the bare of bad news but there is something else I have found,” said detective Richard.

This time the dad put his hands out with his eyes closed fore he could not bare to see what would be placed into his hands. Once the item was placed into his hands the husband stood there motionless. It was Madelyn’s blanket that looked very odd shaped now that it had been so burnt.

“Now even though I have found all of these belongings of your loved ones I am still sorry to say, that there are no sings to this unfortunate event,” said the detective. But right before detective Richard was about to escort them out the doggy door caught the wife’s eye.

The wife walked over to the door breathless as she saw a piece of Mikayla’s dress caught by a nail on the left side of the doggy door. The mom could not believe her eyes. Maybe Mikayla and Madelyn are safe but who knows where they are. Fires can destroy many things like loved ones and or evidence and the passed. That’s what happens when you lose everything in a fire.

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