Me Against the World...

February 18, 2008
By Adam Klage, Kalamazoo, MI

The name is Matthews, Marshall Matthews. I am legend; I am the best rookie/point guard in the world.

It all started on June 28th, 2007. When the Dallas Mavericks had the first pick and David Stern said these words “The Dallas Mavericks have selected Marshall Matthews 6”3 point guard out of Michigan State University as the first pick overall in the 2007 draft.”

My family hooted and hollered until I got that picture taken with Mark Cubit. I thought this is the start of a great career, until the next morning Cubit called and dropped the bomb on me “Marshall Marshall Marshall how’s it going my main man?”

I replied, “It's going good, you know just living the life of a superstar!” I let out a wimpy laugh

Mark said, “Well let’s get into the business, and are you ready?”

He continued “Well as of right now I don't believe you will be a fit into this program so I offered a trade proposal to the Detroit Pistons, so yeah I would advise you should pack up your things and hop on a plane and meet the staff.”

I felt crushed like a 20 ton building came crashing on my shoulders. I built up the courage to say “Ok I guess I will talk to you later.”

Mark replied back “Yep we will see you first game!”

My slender 6”2 200 pound body stepped off of William Davidson’s private jet. Flip Saunders greeted me as soon as I got off.

Flip said “Mr. Matthews welcome to the city of Motown!”

I replied “Thanks it’s tough to leave Dallas but still I’m excited to be a part of this franchise.

Flip said “Well lets stop the chitter chatter and get to your hotel room.”

I agreed and he took us downtown and showed me to our hotel room,

I said when we got there “Jeez o Pete’s what is it million degrees below zero here?”

Flip laughed and said, “It’s a little different than Dallas.”

I got settled into my room and just waited for that blasted first game to come so I could show Mark Cubit how I felt on the court.

I waited in the tunnel until Mason screamed my name in the p.a. “And starting at point guard number 23 MARSHALL MATTHEWS!!!!!”

I took a couple of hop steps and went out on the floor and chest bumped Rip.
The ref threw the ball into the air and Sheed went up and tipped it back to me. I took a couple of dribbles to my right then quickly crossed over to my left and left Jason Terry standing there like he just got hit by lightning, then I popped a three and it found home. I looked up in the press box and saw Mark and pointed.

At half we were up 56-54and I had 27 points. The lead was not much but still it was a lead. I had 23 points Coach Saunders gave us some inspirational speech about how it’s not over till the fat lady sings. The half came off to a slow start as Dallas started a 20-4 run and went up 74-60, not a very good start. We ended the 3rd quarter 80-70 we were down by ten.

4th quarter started with me draining a 3-point shot. Dallas went cold, they could not I mean could not hit a shot.

With: 59 seconds left we were down by 4. Jason brought it up, with the ball rhythmatically on the hardwood. He tried to cross over in my face but I was too quick for that junk. I took it all the way to the hole and slammed it 360 style. Down by 2 with 30 seconds left. Dallas brought the ball up and just plain out tried to waste time on the clock. But I knew what was up, so I jetted in front of a pass with 10 seconds left and brought it up. The ball hit the floor each time making the same sound THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP. The perspiration was stinking up the whole gym. I looked at the clock it started counting down 5,4,3,2,1. As soon as the clock hit 1, I raised my shot as the net glared at me. It rolled around in the basket for a while then I heard that amazing sound that every athlete loves to hear WHAAAAAAHHHHHH! The buzzer beeped and I looked at the scoreboard it read 99-97, and the blue and red piston letters flashing indicating we had just one!

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