Dora and the Case of the Escaping Turtle

February 18, 2008
By seth wimbley, Mattawan, MI

Once upon a time a girl named Dora was so hungry she could eat herself.(hyperbole)She hurried up trying to find boots she ran to the tree house as the trees growled at her.(personification)She climbed up the stair that were as rickety as a hundred year old bridge. (Alliteration) She opened the door to find boots rolled up in a ball mumbling like a psycho. Dora quickly crawled over to him to listen to what he was saying but all she could here was missing turtle. Then it it her, her brain was moving as fast as a train(metaphor) Dora grabbed boots by is ear and through him out the window to hear a loud crunch. She jumped out the window and did a triple back flip unfortunately she landed on her face, but she was okay.” It was just half way ripped of with a couple of sticks stuck to it. Then she saw a green thing moving as slow as dirt.(simile)They ran over to it and then boots snapped out of his trance and danced for joy.
“Hey boots said anxiously.”
“Hi my name is tiny turtle Tim said the turtle.”
“Where are you going asked boots?”
“I'm escaping said the turtle.”
“No” screamed boots as he grabbed the turtle and ran away.

TO BE CONTINUED.............................................
Now being continued...............................................

As boots ran away Dora thought of being evil but decide that she would have to go get the psycho pathic turtle thief. She thought of how to catch the squirmy little monkey. Then she found her plan and
“she yelled Vomono's.”
Dora ran to the garage and grabbed her tonka truck that went 5 miles per hour she swerved out of the drive way and took of well at least attempted to take of, she headed the direction boots was headed towards when she caught a trail that went all the way to the magical river of potato's. Then the strangest thing happened she felt a big thud on the side of her head. Dora started to feel dizzy when she saw boots unfortunately she forgot her foot was on the petal and fell into the magical river a potato's. Dora woke up too a rude awakening another potato to the face! She slowly crawled out of the potato river on the other side were she knew boots would be hiding.

She ran up to the hill were she found a dark old ware house of coarse she repeated to herself over and over again. She thought about what would happen if everything would be okay or if she would have to hurt boots to take the turtle from him. She finally got in the center when she noticed the turtle coming out and then two, three ,four hundreds then the lights flickered and everyone yelled surprise its happy turtle day. Dora was so confused she blacked out and dreamed about a glorious turtle island.

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