Ahamed and the Other Side

February 17, 2008
By George Ballard, Burleson, TX

This story starts in a desolate town, where the aftermath of a war is still echoing through this world. As we enter we see smoke from a distance the light gets brighter as we focus our eyes. There it is a city in total disarray chunks of cement in the streets clear views as far as the eye can see where skyscrapers once stood. As we continue we see an even worse view of this tragedy the eye catches a glimpse of life. We return to the sight to find a child just awakening from a cold night alone in the leftover madness. There he stands with his brown and smooth skin. His hair is black as he turns around we catch a better view of his dirt spot covered skin from not being bathed. His name Ahamed, he began to stretch to remove the sleepy feeling from his body. He then grabs a brown blanket that was bigger than he was he gripped the blanket and gave it a tug. Following this cleaning process he packed and started for his long journey.

After he had left the cold, dim, grey, building looking back one last chance to remember this story in his book of life. Afterwards Ahamed began his journey to find food he. Ahamed had been feeling some sharp hunger pains for a while since he woke up. Then he encountered a market he had in his mind the first food he saw he would grab. He approached the cold steel rod the opened the door and still felt a warm comfort inside of his body that how strong the hunger had been. Foot by foot he took steps on the squeaky tiles on the floor ground with his tattered black shoes. There it was a heap of food on the stove it looked so good to him he rushed without any second thought in this act. While chewing his food a horrible look came upon his face as he began to spit the food out his mouth. Rushing to the sink to rinse the rancid taste out of his mouth. Leaving out the room to look for tastier food to eat Ahamed came upon a basket of candy. He grabbed this with a delighted look on his face. Now leaving the store with a better look on this day he began to walk.

Later on that day Ahamed became a little tired and as he began to slow down he heard a voice in the distance. Quickly he rushed to see or hear if any one was there but no one was the it was just the rough wind howling against the giant steel beam. So he turned around in disappointment and began to walk. Then Ahamed came upon a cold giant wall it was like a skyscraper to Ahamed to get a cross town he had to get over this wall. This was going to be a hard job and Ahamed had already become weary from his journey this far. AAAAHHHHHHH! He yelled and as he began to walk he heard a small weak voice help is anyone there. Ahamed so in awe stood in fear for a second. Then ahamed came to his senses and rushed to the wall with so many questions. He rushed them. Who are you? Where are you? How you got there, he asked impatiently. The little girl began to answer “I am Ashley and I was with my parents until they passed so now I am alone. I was trying to get over the wall when it collapsed and crushed me. I’ve been here for about four days lying in this cold cement and I have been getting weaker and weaker as time has passed. Now I think I am running out of time. Ahamed says ok I will rush to get across I got to go now. Ahamed runs quickly to this old grey cold building to see what he could use in act of getting across the wall. Ahamed notices some steel clamps that will aid him getting over then he spots a hammer. The hammer will be a good thing to have so he could hammer the steel clamps into the wall for a sturdy climb.

Later that day he rushed back to the wall to give the girl a little comfort telling her he will be over the wall soon. Then he begins to work picking up these very heavy steel clamps and running them into the wall. Then he grabs the hammer quickly and the noise began to ring through the silence. CLING CLING. The noise was he the wiped the warm sweat from the dirt covered face of the boy. Then time quickly passed and he finished he yelled here I come no response came from the other side of wall so he began to rush over the wall. The suspense began to build in the air. He made it to the top and paused at the sight that he saw the he fell over the wall his vision began to fade and no sight of a girl in his eye sight no more and then a ring is what he heard. All that was rushing through ashamed head was who is this and why as he passed out from the tiring blow blank the screen went until next time.

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