How I Saved the World

February 12, 2008
By Joe Martinez, Castroville, TX

My name is Chris Harris and if your are reading this I am not alice. In everyday life we make desections for the good or bad of mankind we thought we were making the right ones. However something went terrably wrong. If I knew what I know now would I have made the sam desection to save you and the world. Would someone like you have done the same for me and the world? We all think we are brave enough to sacrafic our like for the good of mankind but when you look evil in the eye and you see yourself for what you really are would you stand and fight or run and hide? Now let me start at the beginning and explain to you how this all started in less then a year.

Day 1
Outside in the back of the courtyard on a cold wet day. The fog was lingering over the school. Very strange for it was nowhere else in the state. There was a scream from the girl I once loved. She saw me, cut up and bleeding
in the dumpster with magets covering me from head to toe. I tried to call her name but only a faint whister came out. Natalie I kept saying until i passed out. Everyone came to get me out but Mr. Lenn shouted get away, get away, call 911 and let them know what is going on. Ms Anderson, the school nurse, came out to check to see if I needed CPR. She stayed with me saying hold on, help will be here. My eyes slightly opened to see her holding my head on hep lap at that moment all I could think of was feeding on her blood to help me heal. But I choose to wait, it was to public. My friend and Natalie could not know yet what I was.

Day 2
When I woke, I had an I.V. in my left arm giving me blood and the will to live. My need to feed was going away and I was healing very fast. The head nurse came in and I coudl tell she knew I was not human. She tried to appear calm bue I could hear her pulse racing. She finally spoke "What are you?" she studdared. I said I won't hurt you, just dont scream. I was dingh my best to make her relax. I smiled and said "I'm just a kid, what can I really do to anyone?" It helped even though I knew I could kill her before she could scream. Then four doctors came in, one told me he could help me and he gave me a shot and I passed out. But before I was out I heard them talking about me, one doctor said I've seen his kind, they can not be killed. The older, short, stalkey doctor said the last one on record died ten years ago. The nurse asked "But why is he alice now?" The tall dark haired doctor said "He is just a boy." The door flew open a group of special OP members sanis is this the boy. And I was out.

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