The Bridge of Love

February 11, 2008
By karen monroy, Nyc, NY

Andrew is the most popular and good looking guy of the school

and he loves a sweet girl named Natasha. They have been in a

relationship for two years, they met each other at her birthday party,

and since then they can’t be separate for any reason. They are 18 years

old, and they are talking about their future, they are so in love that

they are thinking about marriage.

Natasha decided to talk with her mom about it, but obviously she

freaked out and asked her” are you pregnant or what? , Natasha

laughs and said “no mom, I’m in love” Mrs. Yonder (her mom) started to

laugh so much that she fell of the chair. She told her” help me to stand

up and stop saying stupid things, you are so young, it will never work”.

Natasha was so sad she decided to talk to Andrew. He came to

her house and climbed the window. Natasha was crying, and she told

him that her mom would never approve their marriage until she turned

fifty or something like that. He told her that everything would be ok,

and he promised her that they would be together for the rest of their

lives. A month later Andrew went to Natasha’s house, he was pale. He

seemed like he cried all night, and then he hug her so hard that she

almost fainted. Natasha asked him “what happened?” and in a soft

voice he answered “my parents died in a car accident” He started to

cry and she cried too. They went to his house stayed there all night

talking until both of them fall sleep hugging each other like a married


The next they went to the funeral. It was so hard for the both of

them but they handled it like adults. Three years after that he started to

drink in the beginning it was normal like every kid at his age only in

parties, after that he drank every weekend.

One day he was with Natasha and they were arguing but he was

so drunk that he slapped her. Her reaction was running away. The next

day she called him and broke up with him. He was devastated. The only

person that loved him in the world was breaking up with him, and he

had no reason to be alive.

He decided to go to a bridge and jump. But first he would call

Natasha and tell her that he was going with his parents and he loved

her so much.

But before he jumped Natasha shout I love you too, she was

there, she knew that Andrew will do a stupid thing so she kept and eye

on him. He turned around and saw her standing there with her arms

opened. He was so happy, but in the moment that he made a step, he

slipped and fell into the river. Natasha ran in an attempt to save him

and in an act of desperation she jumped into the river. Andrew and

Natasha died, but now they are together for the rest of their lives.

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