I Was Walking on the Same Beach

February 8, 2008
By Sara Banks, San Antonio, TX

I was walking on the same beach that we said our last goodbyes , even though we didn't know it at the time.
Three summers ago you would've thought we were perfect for eachotherbut of course things got in the way of our relationship just like anyone else's. it started of with little things at first like, "who was the you were talking to?". It just got to complicated and we broke up ,got back together, broke up. So after all the drama that we had gone through we just decided to be friends. It worked out for awhile but once it got to the point of us dating other people we couldn't handle it i guess. We always picked out the flaws on them, or somthing was wrong with them. We would get in our accasional fights and wouldn't speak for a month or so. Then we would hear somthing about the other oerson and start talking again.
My mind had a flashback to the day we were at the beach. He had picked me up and we decided to go out and see a movie. I can remember all the details of that day as if it were today. It had started off being a pretty nasty day but somehow by the time we got out of the movie the weather was perfect. he's all, "well since the weather took a turn for the better lets go to the beach."
"ok" I said a little surprised i was just thinking how random. So we drove on down to the beach. That day was probably the bestday i've ever had. That day i got to feel like what it was like to be us again and i didn't want it to end. But like any other day it was going to have to end one way or another. We ended the day by laying on the beach with eachother with the fire that was starting to burn out. We decided to walk along the beach before we drove on home. We were just talking but somewhere in the converstaion he asked me if i still loved him. In my mind i was thinking yes but it just couldn't come out. I looked at him with a blank face trying to say yes i still loved him. But i just wasn't able to say it. He looked at ne and said "I see, well come on i'll drive you home." I just walked beside him in silence toward the car. We pulled up to my house about 30 minutes later. "Well i had fun and i'm sorry about earlier i wanted to tell you but for some reason i couldn't." I said feeling stupid and confused. "It's ok don't worry about it."
he said. I cuold tell by his voice he was disappointed. I got out of the car and walked to my door by the time i turned around he was already gone. I walike into my empty house. My parents were gone for a week...which was nothing new. I text him relly quick syaing call me later. He text me back ok. I layed down to watch tv for awhile i guess i must've fallen asleep. I woke to the sound of my phone. "hello" i said sleepily
"hello Peyton?" said a voice i didn't recognize.
"yeah this is her"
"This is Brandons mom"
"oh hi" i said confused
"i was wondering if Brandon was with you?" she said sounding worried.
"no he was on his way home a couple of hours ago"
ooh thats alright i'll call you if he comes home"
alright thanks"
Tjat was weird he left about 2 hours ago he should've been home by now. I didn't think much of it at the time so i just decided to get some more sleep.
I woke up around 9am to the sound of someone knocking at the door. I walked down the stairs almost fslling on the last step. Whoever it was kept on knocking.

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