There is a Girl Named Rachel

February 8, 2008
There is a girl named Rachel who is seventeen and a junior at Warren High School. She is in this love triagle with her bestfriend and her boyfriend. Her bestfriend said he is in love with her. she really hates that she can never have just a friend because they always end up falling in love with her. her boyfriend says he's in love but he does't show it. He's the type of guy that doesn't treasure what he has at the moment but he gets all sad when it or she is gone. Well Jacob, her boyfriend, has broken up with her numerous of times. While Joseph, her bestfriend that is in love with her, has always been there for her to catch the every tear that drops. Joseph told her that he loved her the last time they broke up. He thought that it was the last straw because he cheated on her but of course jacob ought her floowers and said he was sorry. And of course ashe went back to him. Now Rachel is all confused because ever since Joseph told her she has feeelings for him now. Not friendly feelings but love feelings.she cares for Jacob so much because he was there for her when her grandma died. She was so close to her grandma, she spent every summer for two weeks on her ranch. So Rachel took it pretty hard. So Rachel had a huge dilemma. it was either Jacob, her boyfreind for two years, or Joseph, the guy who has bee there for her since seventh grade. Well one day Joseph told her to choose and told her that he loves her so much and doesn't ever want to be without her and that they'll be friends until the end no matter what happens. With lots of thinking to do she took a break with Jacob. She thought for a couple of days and on a Saturday, windy afternoon, she drove up to Jacob's house and talked to him. so a couple minutes went by and told him why they went on a break. So then she finally went to Joseph's house and said "Sorry!" he just looked at her and he just turned around and once he turned she grabbed his big, soft, warm hand and said, "you didn't let me finsh... Sorry that i couldn't come to my sences sooner. I love you and I choose you. I'm done with Jacob, I choose you!" He smiled and hugged her and looked into her eyes ad kissed her and he said "Finally!"

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