The Girl Listened...

February 8, 2008
By Andrea Garza, Devine, TX

The girl listened to the soft, soothing, sound of the piano playing. She began to sing along with the melody. The boy across the room listened to her gorgeous voice. She had first learned to sing a few years ago. He had come to this concert because his mother thought that he would enjoy it. She finished, smiling, glowing, and excited; she took a bow. He wondered what language it was that she had been singing in and he wanted to know what it meant. The rest of the night he could think nothing but her beautiful voice and her even more beautiful face. As the concert ended, pushing, through the crowd he saw her just as she got into a taxi. Within a second he heard a loud whistling, then everything went quiet but he could see people’s mouth move. SMACK went the hands as they hit each other.
“Have you been sleeping this whole time?” asked Shane.
“Um…no” replied Evangeline “I had that same dream again.”
Shane gave her a puzzled look.
“The one with the girl and the boy? And the concert?”
“Oh.” Commented Shane, now understanding Evangeline’s words.
“It felt like I was the girl. But I could only see through the boy’s eyes.”
Shane got up and began to walk towards the kitchen door. “I’m hungry, are you feeling hungry?” Asked Shane as if to ignore Evangeline.
“Are you even listening? Look I’m sorry that I fell asleep during your favorite movie. Bu t I’m old and I need my rest. Do you still want to hear about my dream or shall we talk about something else?” Said Evangeline as Shane was starting to prepare lunch.
“No we shan’t. It’s not that I’m mad. I’m embarrassed that I had been talking to you about the movie the whole time to try and stay awake myself.” The two elderly women began to laugh wholeheartedly.
After a case of the giggles and preparing lunch they sat together at the large dining room table. Shane began a conversation “We really should get a smaller table.”
As she put her drink down Evangeline remarked “I agree no one ever eats here but you and I.” They were chewing and Shane swallowed first. She than said “So what did you say about your dream?”
“I’m not sure” replies Evangeline “but I think I’m going to call my daughter and ask her about it.”
“Well I just think you’re getting old. But she’s a physiatrist should help right?”
“Yes that’s her.” Evangeline said answering Shane’s question. Shane slowly stands and takes their plates to the sink for washing. Evangeline dried after Shane was done washing each dish.
“I think I’m going to go take a nap myself when this is finished.” Said Shane as she rinsed a plate.
“Well okay. I think I’m going to call my daughter while you’re sleeping.”
They finish and Shane walks to her bedroom. Evangeline picks up the phone, Walks over to the couch, and begins to dial.

Ring…ring…ring. “Hello?”

“Oh hi Grandma! I’ll get Mom for you.”
“Thank you Rachel”
The line clicks, silence, again the line clicks.

“You still there Grandma?”
“Yes Rachel I’m still here.”

“Okay I’m almost near Mom. How are you?”
“I’m doing fine. How are you?”

“Good thanks. Well here’s my mom.”
“Okay bye-bye. Hello?”

“Hello?” answered the motherly voice.
“Hi Christina.”

“Hi Mom. How are you?”
“I’m doing fine and you?” Said Evangeline as she messed with her hair.

“I’m okay.”
“Well the reason I’m calling is to ask your expertise on a matter.”


“Oh okay continue.”
“I’ve been having some very strange dreams lately.”

“In the dreams there is a beautiful young lady that reminds me of myself when I was young, but it’s not me.”
“Okay and?”

“And she is singing a song in Italian I think.”

“What’s weird about it?”
“Well she’s blind. And she’s only about 25.”

“Elaborate. How do you see her then?”
“Well there is also a boy about her age and he listens to her sing and he falls in love with her I think or he’s going to.”

“What makes you think that?”
“He gave her that look. You know the look?”

“Yes Mom I know.”
“But she will never be able to see the face of what might be her true love.”

“Mom I still don‘t understand why this is bothering you.”
Hesitantly Evangeline began “Christina I didn’t want to tell you this before but…”

“But what Mom?”
“I think the girl in my dreams is Rachel.”

After a few moments of silence Christina responded.

“How could that be? You said the girl was about 25. And that she was blind. You also said she could sing well. Rachel doesn’t fit that description at all.”
“I know this is why I didn’t tell you I think I’m dreaming of the future.”
“Mom this is all a little too Twilight Zone for me.”

“I’m sorry I’m not trying to frighten you but I thought that you might be able to help me some how.”

“Listen, Mom?”
“Yes Christina?”

“I Think that this is just a sign of you getting old and not wanting to be forgotten after you’re…”
“After I’m what?”

“After you’re gone.” Said Christina somberly feeling remorse for having to say that to her mother.

“You’re probably right.” Said Evangeline after a few seconds. “It’s okay don’t be upset I know that it’s all a part of this life. I just needed to hear a professional’s point of view so I could get some closer.”

“Well okay Mom. I’m glad that I could be of help to you. Call me if you need anything else ok?”

“Okay Chrissie. I love you, I’ll call you later.”
“Okay Mom anytime. I love you too.”

“Okay bye-bye.”

Evangeline continued to have the dreams more often and they became more realistic, but she didn’t mention them to anyone.
In the dreams she finally figured out why ‘Rachel’ went blind. In one of the dreams Evangeline could see through ‘Rachel’s eyes. ‘Rachel was driving and she got into an accident with an 18-wheeler that was carrying hazardous chemicals. The chemicals only damaged her eyes, causing her to go blind. She still thought she shouldn’t mention it because people would definitely think that she was going crazy.
She also figured out that the boy and Rachel do fall in love. But something happens that prevents them from marrying. The chemicals from the accident causes cancer all in ‘Rachel’s’ face. ‘Rachel’ decides to try to fight it even though the doctor’s say there is no hope. She holds on for months just to stay with “the boy” a little longer. Then on the night she dies her love asked her why she had to go; why was God taking her away from her one true love just as she found him. And ‘Rachel’ said to him
“Because He wants me to be able to see you and your face everyday instead of being here in misery only wishing that I could see you.”
The boy smiled with tear-filled eyes and he whispered into her ear
“I love you Rachel. I hope when you see me I’m smiling.” And as soon as he said that she died.
Evangeline woke violently that night and she then knew for sure that it was Rachel. She dialed her daughter frantically finally deciding to tell someone of all the dreams. But when Christina answered the whole world seemed to stop and Evangeline felt as if she was having an out of body experience. Suddenly she felt as if she was floating above her body and she could her Christina cry out
“Mom? Mom?!?! Are you okay? MOM!?!?!”
And Evangeline tried to tell her that she was okay and tried to tell her about the dreams. But Christina couldn’t hear her. Shane ran into the room and began to check Evangeline’s vital signs. But there was no pulse, and she was not breathing. Evangeline began to float away as Shane cried on the phone to Christina.

What just happened? What’s going on? Am I dead? I can’t be dead I need to save Rachel.
Her thoughts were interrupted and her questions answered by whom she understood to be God. He told her she was dead and that the reason he took her was because she was not allowed to tell Rachel’s future. Evangeline began to cry and he asked her
“My child why do you weep? Are you not happy to finally be here with me?”

She answered “Of course I’m happy but I feel alone”
He told her
“Do not feel alone Rachel will come to join us soon and you will be happy then.”
She nodded in agreement and went to wait for Rachel.
Christina told Rachel this story on her wedding night. On the night’s leading up to Evangeline’s death Chrissie began to hear her mother telling her of the dreams and even after her death she heard the conversation between Evangeline and God. That was the last time she heard her mother’s voice. After that she took special care of Rachel and waited until her 26th birthday and night before her wedding to tell her the story.
Rachel was touched and so when she had her first daughter she named her Evangeline.

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